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Well-being Calendar 2023

Throughout 2023 we are spending each month focusing on different areas of well-being. The classes will look at and discuss the focus and what it means to them as well as how they can share this with others. 

Here is some of the work Year 2 and Year 4 did when thinking about what makes them feel JOYFUL

Our next focus is on how to be a kind and caring friend.

Here are Year 4, thinking of different ways they can be a good friend. They then put them all in a box, keeping two each, then once they have achieved that act of kindness, they put it back in the box and choose another. Lovely and thoughtful idea, thank you Year 4!

Thank you to Year 2 also for their wonderful art work. They have been thinking of all the different ways they can be a kind and caring friend. 

Here comes Mindful March!

Here are Year 5 enjoying some mindfulness meditation in class, using their senses to help them feel relaxed and noticing the things around them.

What do YOU do to relax and wind down?

Year 2 used one of their senses to notice what what around them. Can you guess which sense they were using?

Active April is here! Let's get a move on!

Here are Year 2 enjoying some outdoor PE activities, not letting the wet weather hold them back. They also spent some time thinking about the different ways they can stay active. Great work Year 2, well done!

Here is Elizabeth from Year 4 showing here amazing skipping skills!! It is lovely to hear all the encouragement and support from everyone too! Good luck for the skipping competition Year 4.

Mighty May is here! How will you fight your fears? 

Year 2 have been thinking about the different ways they can be brave and overcome their fears. They have practised 'Self Talk' to help them do this. Well done Year 2, you have some fantastic ideas and ways to help yourself and others be more brave.

Year 4 also spent time thinking about 'Self Talk' and how this can help them to be braver and face their fears. It sounds like Evans had a light bulb moment when trying to fasten his shoe laces. Well done Evans and all of Year 4!

Let's jump in to Jaunty June!

Year 4 came up with an artistic way of sharing their ideas on how they can improve their confidence and energy levels. 

Welcome to Judicious July! Will you make the right choices this month?

Here comes Ambitious August! What goals would you like to achieve this Summer?

Hello Serene September! What do you do to feel relaxed, tranquil and calm?

In Year 5, we focused on ways to relax the body and mind by using visualisation exercises. We then closed our eyes and imagined our own place where we feel calm and relaxed- we drew pictures and wrote down words to describe our relaxing places. 

In Year 1, we lay on the carpet and closed our eyes, trying to make sure we were really relaxed. We then listened as Miss Nicholson described a really relaxing place. We discussed places that make us feel relaxed. A few of us said that church is a really relaxing place to be as it is nice and quiet and there are candles. 

Year 2 used the hall to sit and practice relaxation techniques. They meditated as well as listening to Mrs Shea describing a relaxing place, then imagined themselves there. 

Year 6 spent some time relaxing the body and mind whilst listening to Miss Varlet reading some visualisation text. They then drew what they could visualise.

These smiles tell me Reception enjoyed practising Yoga to help relax their body and mind. 

Optimistic October has arrived!! 

Year 1 used everyday scenarios such as a work task or playtime and discussed how we could turn them into a positive e.g ‘I can’t do this yet, but with more practice I will’, ‘My friend doesn’t want to play tig, but we can find a game we can both play at lunchtime’, ‘I have made a mistake in my work, but it is good that I spotted it’.
We are continuing to reinforce this message in class and when we talk about ourselves and our friends.

Year 2 spent circle time discussing what optimistic means, using different scenarios.

Year 3 created a word cloud of pessimistic words and then counteracted them with optimistic things they can say instead.  They then thought about what makes them happy things they can do when they might be feeling pessimistic.

It's time to show and share our Nurturing November side!

Here are some examples of ways that our children help to nurture and support their friendships here at St. Philip's but also outside of school too.

How will you show you are trustworthy this Dependable December?

Here's how some of our children are showing they can be trusted and depended on by others.

2023 has come to an end, so I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has taken part in our Wellbeing Calendar activities. I wish you all a very Happy New Year! Lets see what 2024 has in store for us.