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  Welcome to Reception's Class Page

Miss Richardson, Mrs Tempest, Miss Twigg, and Miss Shea 


It's an Excavator not a Digger!

Reception were so lucky to be able to have a close look at the excavator working on our school field. We learned it's correct name and what all the different parts are called. Did you know a special computer tells the machine what to do, not the driver?

The driver was really kind and answered all our questions.  

What wonderful weather for Reception!

We have had so much fun in the rain today.

So many learning opportunities to develop communication & language, gross & fine motor, understanding the world and expressive art & design skills. 

Making marks using hands, feet, bodies, brushes and ropes.

Asking questions:

"why is the paint moving, disappearing, changing colour?" 

"why is the water going to the field?"

"where is the rain coming from?"

"why does the puddle go up?" (child was jumping in it)


Children have enjoyed their first week in Reception. They have all settled well and are making lots of new friends. Look what busy bees they all are. 

Middleton Park 27.09.22

Reception had a wonderful afternoon in the park, playing with our friends and getting to know our Year 6 buddies. 

Our legs were so tired walking back up the hill to school. 



God's Wonderful World.

As part of their RE topic children have been learning about all the wonderful things that God created. This week, they have focused on God's creatures and enjoyed using play dough to make their favourite animals. We are so impressed with their amazing modelling skills.

Victor surprised us with his favourite animal, a Spiky Snake!

World Mental Health Day 22


We talked about what mental health means and that it is ok to feel sad, angry, scared or even mixed up like Colour Monster. We shared how we were feeling and thought about times when we didn't feel so good.

We had some great ideas about how to keep our minds healthy. Dancing to happy music really made us smile, we were having so much fun Mr Render joined with us! Reception was full of happy Colour Monsters!