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Year 4

Wednesday 19th April 

 Year 4 are throwing themselves back into their learning after the holidays.  Today we began our new writing genre of myths and legends.  We explored some Ancient Greek myths and then acted them out.

Friday 31st March

This week we have been looking at tetractys poems based on syllable patterns.  We then performed them to each other.


We have been enjoying our sessions of P.E. in the park to build up our running technique and stamina.  Alongside this they have been learning new skipping skills including dutch skipping.

Friday 3rd March

 WHAT A WEEK!!!!  It has been a busy and fantastic week in Year 4.  On Wednesday the children had a fantastic time at the skipping competition.  I was really impressed with the effort from all the children and a massive CONGRATULATIONS on winning.  Thursday the children had a great time dressing up for world book day.  Have a look at the photos below.


Friday 24th February

The children have been working hard and settling back into school this week.  I was really pleased with the holiday project work that was completed and well done to Emily and Oliver in particular.  They really were FANTASTIC.  The newsletter with all the information for the half term has gone out tonight and a copy is on the newsletter page of the Year 4 section of the website.  Please have a read to see what we are up to an how you can support learning at home.  Highlights of this week include:

  • Celebrating Ash Wednesday and making our Lenten Promises.
  • Creating models of the earth to show how an earthquake is cause.
  • A visit from Monsieur Jaques in our French lesson.

Photos of our week are below.  Have a lovely weekend.


During the holiday there is the option for the children to create a holiday project on the tsunami that occurred in 2004.  This can be as simple as finding out a few facts like where it occurred, or something more adventurous.  You can create a poster or a 3D model with some facts around the edge. 

Information you could include:

  • Where the tsunami occurred
  • Why it occurred
  • The tectonic plates involved
  • The impact on the local area 

It really is the opportunity for you to be as creative as you like but remember to put any information you find in your own words.  Don't just copy.

Please note this is an optional project.


This week we began a new maths unit on perimeter.  We began by measuring the perimeter of the playground.  We also finished our expressive art unit and created some expressive pieces using different tools to apply the paint.  

Friday 27th January

It has been another busy week in Year 4. I have been really impressed with the stories that they have written.  Mrs Richardson came to deliver an art lesson on exploring brush strokes which was very enjoyable.  We have also been continuing with our ukulele sessions.  In Geography today we were looking at the formation and parts of a volcano.  We used the iPads to record our learning and have posted some videos below.  We have also been learning to retell the story of the Hungry Caterpillar in French and there are some snippets uploaded below too.  Have a lovely weekend.

On Friday 27th January. Please come in to school in your P.E. kit.

Friday 20th January

We continued learning about the earth in Geography this week.  We used digital mapping to look at plate tectonics and how they are moving.  Use used mapping overlays to see what happens at the plate boundaries. 

In art this week we were looking at how paint can be applied in different ways.  We used different things to add paint to paper to see the effect it had.  We then created a picture using the ways we most liked.

In Geography we have been learning about the structure of the earth.  We created our own models showing the different layers of the Earth.

Friday 9th December

 Today we celebrated the endo of our Viking topic with a trip to the Jorvik Viking Museum and DIG! in York.  We saw real Viking artefacts and learnt even more facts and information about this point in British History.  We had great fun during our Battle Tactics workshop learning how the Vikings fought and were successful in Battle.  It was a great day.

Thursday 8th December 

Today we had a great day celebrating together.  We shared our Christmas dinner with our friends and families and raised money for Save the Children through wearing our own Christmas jumpers.

Thursday 17th November

Lots of exciting things have been happening this week in Year 4.  On Monday we kicked off (excuse the bad joke) our new writing topic on the Men's Football World Cup.  The children had a great time learning lots of different facts and using these to plan their non-chronological reports.  Monday also afforded the children the opportunity to take part in a Judo workshop which they all really enjoyed.  Yesterday the children worked in pairs to create a board game based on Viking Life thinking about what they have learnt about the Vikings to create forfeit cards and hopefully earn enough coins to get the prized Viking sword.  The children also really enjoyed learning about Jazz music as part of a special Music focus week and shared their learning and a song in assembly.  Thank you to those of you who were able to come and watch.  In ukulele the children were shown a free app that they can use to support their music learning.  This is called GuitarTuna  and is available for free from most app shops on devices.  The children have been shown how to use it to support their listening and do not need a ukulele at home for this to be of benefit.  Please remember that school is closed to pupils tomorrow and I look forward to welcoming everyone back on Monday. 

Friday 11th November

It has been a busy week this week in Year 4.  Highlights of this week include our library time on Monday, researching for information about the Vikings, and learning about clay and techniques used to work with this medium.  Please see some of our work in the photos below.


There were several letters that went home this week.  I am aware there were some absences so if you think you have note received a letter about Christmas dinner or the Viking trip in December please let me know.

Have a lovely weekend.


Miss Boyles.

Monday 7th November

Today we are starting a new topic in Maths.  We will be looking at multiplication.  We started by creating a poster to show all that we know about multiplication so far.

Friday 4th November

Welcome back!

Welcome back to a new term.  It has been great to see everyone settling back into Year 4.  The children have worked hard this week, and many enjoyed the school disco on Thursday.  Several children have made good progress in swimming and are moving up in their swimming group which is great to see.   The Autumn 2 Newsletter is now available on the school website and a copy has been sent home.  There are lots of things going on this half term, including our class assembly so please look at the dates section carefully.  Please note the change in P.E. day from Friday to Thursday.  Have a lovely weekend and please stay safe with all the bonfire and firework celebrations.

Our trip to Skelton Grange

Friday 7th October

This week we have had lots of exciting things to take part in in Year 4.  It kicked off on Monday with a skipping workshop to prepare us for a competition later in the year and ended today with us making Viking Long Boats.  It wasn't as easy as we thought it might be.  Please remember that Monday is Wear Yellow Day  and on Thursday we are going on a school trip. 


"I liked the fact that we could use different types of things to make them." Oscar

"I liked doing the skipping because we did lots of different things and I enjoyed seeing everyone having fun." Etinosa

" I liked skipping because I helped people who didn't know how to do it." Maya

"I liked swimming this week because there were lots of different things to do." Nicole

"It was fun when I went to the John Charles Leisure Centre and did jumping and sprinting. " Danny

Friday 30th September 2022

 This week we have had lots of exciting things happening in Year 4.  The children planned a Viking raid and invasion in History, deciding where they would raid and why, and produced some excellent diary entries from the perspective of the Viking Hiccup in English.  Some extracts of their writing I have included below.  Mr Crossland has enjoyed coaching the afterschool football team and seeing many Year 4 pupils there.  Please note that P.E. next week will be on Monday as we have a skipping coach coming into school.  Have a lovely weekend.

Extracts from out diary entries.

"After that Gobber the Belch started to shout at us in the freezing snow and everyone was shivering." Maya

"I was still quivering but he shoved our chocolate-brown wicker baskets into our hands so hard I thought my hand would bleed." Rhys

"It was time to go into the dark narrow cave entrance.  It got tenser and tenser as I walked into it." William

Friday 23rd September 2022


  Another week has flown by and the children have worked hard.  They are beginning to master the art of the ukulele and the progress over only a few lessons is clear.  They showed off their computing and coding skills to Mr Keddie and he was very impressed.  Today the children began to think about the diary entry they will be writing next week.  They worked hard to add detail and description to enhance their writing and shared these with the class.  The artwork based on our History topic The Vikings is now proudly displayed for all to see as they walk through school and there has been several comments from members of staff about the children's artwork. 


Have a lovely restful weekend and remember school is closed to the children on Monday as there is a staff training day.  



Friday 16th September 2022

It has been a busy week and the children have worked hard from learning who the Vikings were and where they came from in History to thinking about a variety of words that can be used to describe different emotions.  The children thoroughly enjoyed their first swimming lesson of the year and I am looking forward to seeing them become more confident and improved swimmers as the year progresses.  The images below show the children enjoying their French lesson today where they were learning the vocabulary for different colours.  

Remember children still have access to EdShed and MathShed and their logins can be found in their reading diary. 


Have a lovely weekend. 

God Bless

All the Year 4 Staff.