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St Philip's Catholic Primary and Nursery School

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Skipping Festival - May 4th

Year 4 will be taking part in a Skipping Festival at Mount Saint Mary's High School on May 4th! We are looking forward to having a great time and showing all of the skipping skills we have developed throughout this year!

Welcome to Year 4!
 As we start in Year 4, we look forward to another year of learning, fun and new challenges! During this year, we will work to help develop our skills and build our confidence across a range of subjects. Please visit this page to see our learning experiences throughout the year.
In Year 4 we have:

Class Teachers: Mr Longfellow and Mrs Holmes

Support Staff: Mrs Tempest


Times Tables Practise

Year 4 are working hard every day to improve their understanding of the times tables. Here the children are visiting to help improve the speed of their recall of facts.

Roman Numerals - Outdoor Learning!

Year 4 have challenged themselves to improve their understanding of Roman Numerals. We have completed understanding and reasoning problems on this topic using questions spread around the school playground! It was fantastic to see children helping one another through some of the tricky questions!


World Book Day 2022!

Year 4 have been discovering all about the fantastic adventure of Phileas Fogg in the story of "Around the World in 80 Days!". The children have had the opportunity to read this story to one another and represent it in their own unique formats! We've also debated whether he deserved to be in the prestigious Reform Club list of "Most Notable Members" and create posters arguing his guilt or innocence in the great diamond robbery! The children have also come into school as their favourite book characters and have had a fantastic time all because of the wonderful world of books!

Diary Writing - Thor's Hammer!

Year 4 have been working through diaries over the past few weeks in class. On Wednesday morning, the children came into class to discover we have had an "other-worldly" visitor: Thor - God of Thunder! Throughout this week, the children have looked for evidence, solved clues and recorded their findings carefully to help Thor Odinson rediscover his lost hammer "Mjolnir"!

Poetry Slam!

Year 4 had a brilliant day during our Poetry Slam! We looked at the poem "Jabberwocky". We used our understanding of this poem's weird and wonderful creatures to make our very own "Monster Masks" to help in our performance of this poem to the rest of the school! We also created our extra verses for this poem that described other creatures that may live in this poem!

Other Exciting Topics

PE - Gymnastics - Bridges

Year 4 have been trying to improve their strength, technique, control and balance within gymnastics throughout the topic of "Bridges". Here they have taken part in an outdoor lesson as part of this topic.