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"In the light of Christ, where everyone is valued and learning is celebrated"

Welcome to the exciting world of the Wonderful Ones!
We are full of fun, laughter, enthusiasm and love.
There are 31 of us including Mrs Morland, Miss Cmil and Mrs Fenton

Hosanna! 28.3.23

This week in RE we have been learning about the story of Palm Sunday. We found the story in the Bible and then listened carefully to what happened. After we had worked creatively to tell the story, we learnt a song and we noticed that some of the words we were singing were from the Bible story. Watch the video to have a listen, this is now one of our favourite songs!

Wonderful Windmills 24.03.23

This half term in DT we were set a challenge to construct a windmill for a mouse. After a little research on what a windmill is and what they do, we started designing, thinking carefully about what the mouse would like.
Then we followed instructions carefully to construct the structure, the roof, the turbines and the axle. After that we assembled these components to make our windmills and we were very excited to test them out!

Some of the turbines rotated quickly and smoothly but some of them got stuck or didn’t move at all so we set about making changes to our windmills. We put extra weight on the structure to make it more stable, made the hole bigger for the axle to move or made sure that the turbines could move without obstruction.

Then it was time to test them again and we were delighted to see them move properly this time ! We are very proud of our windmills and all the hard work and perseverance we put in to making them.


’My door is like a cat flap so the mouse can get through’-Marie Grace.      ‘I’ve forgotten to cut my door, how will the mouse get in now!’- Lucas.      ‘I loosened the axle so the turbines could rotate’-Aniyah.    ‘ I need to fix my turbines so they do not obstruct the structure’-Henry. 

Place Value 

This half term in Maths we have been learning about larger numbers. We started by counting forwards and backwards to and from different numbers using a 100 square to help us. Then we learnt about multiples of ten. As well as counting these numbers, we used numicon, dienes, straw bundles and 10p coins to make them. After that we partitioned numbers into tens and ones in different ways. Finally we used everything we had learnt to solve reasoning problems where we tried hard to explain who was correct with the numbers they had made and why.

Terrific Toys 14.03.23

Today we continued our history work on changes in toys since the 1950s. We experimented with a yo-yo, a rocking horse, a cup and ball, a spinning top, a whip and top and a Diablo. Some of them were really tricky! We then looked at photographs of Victorian toys and sorted them into toys that rich or poor children would have played with.

Move like a Meerkat! 09.03.23

Today’s dance lesson was all about small movements. We started by exploring different ways we could move and make ourselves as small as we could at the same time. Over the last few weeks we have been creating dances about animals and today we decided to be meerkats. We rehearsed each part separately and then put it all together. Finally we thought about the expression on our faces as well. Take a look at the video below to see us moving like meerkats!

World Book Day 2023

We started by gathering together in the hall for a parade. Whilst we were watching each class, we tried to guess which character they were.

Back in our class, Mrs Morland introduced our focus book for the day-‘That Rabbit belongs to Emily Brown’ by Cressida Cowell and Neal Layton. We used the front cover and the blurb to predict what was going to happen. Then we became clue detectives using magnifying glasses! We used the clues we had found to infer what might happen.

We decided to create our own adventures for Emily Brown and Stanley. We talked about our ideas with a partner and then we created our own adventure box. We used our boxes to tell our stories. They are in the library now for everyone to enjoy.

Wheely Great! 28.02.23

Today Reception invited us to take part in a Wheel-a-then as part of our school’s Lenten fundraising. We had to use something with wheels to go around the playground at least 10 times. It was tiring but fun and now we need to collect our sponsor money.

Getting Ready! 

This week we have started our Lent preparations.

On Shrove Tuesday, which we learnt was the day before Lent starts, we decided to make pancakes. We followed the recipe carefully to make them and they were delicious. Miss Cmil is brilliant at flipping pancakes!

We then changed our class focal point and we decided together what should go on there. We needed a purple cloth, a Bible and a candle to remind us that Jesus is the light of the world. We also put some rosary beads to help us say our prayers.

We learnt that there are 40 days in Lent and we have written promises that we are going to try and keep. Our promises are going to help us to do more of something during Lent.

Finally, this week, we went to Mass on Ash Wednesday. We received ashes from Father Polland on our forehead as a sign that we are going to try even harder to follow in Jesus’s footsteps. We then experimented with painting crosses using some ashes.

Rugby with Aidan 20.02.23

 Today we met Aidan from Hunslet Rugby Club and he is going to be helping us with our ball skills this half term. We learnt that we need to keep both hands on the ball, spread our fingers and to hold the ball in a W shape. Aidan taught us the 6 o’clock pass this morning. We started practising this pass by doing some drills and then we used what we had learnt to play a game. It was fun but tiring and we are looking forward to learning the other passes you need in rugby.

Right Where We Belong! 10.02.23

This morning was our class assembly where we explained what the word belong means and how it feels to belong. We also showed which communities we belong to: our family, our school, Beavers, Rainbows, our football team, a choir and finally the Church when we are baptised. Take a look….

Seeing Double 07.02.23

This week in Maths we have been learning the doubles facts to 10. We used lots of resources to find them all. Now we are using these facts to help us find near doubles!

Internet Safety Day 07.02.23
Miss Caulfield set us a challenge to think about what we use the internet for. We talked together and we found out that we use the internet in different ways. Some of use it to play games like on Spelling Shed and Maths Shed. Some of us watch videos and some of us video call our family and friends.
We then played a game to help us think about how we can stay safe online. We know that we shouldn’t message people we don’t know and if we get messages from anyone we should tell our grown up. We know that our grown ups must know what we are doing online and we should never give out our password or personal information.

This year’s Internet Safety Day is focusing on pupil voice so we decided to make a short video to help people remember how to stay safe online.

Singing is not just fun! 01.02.23

In Year One we love singing and it finds it's way into lots of our lessons such as Maths and RE. Every Wednesday we learn how to sing with Miss Leather and faith and liturgy are at the heart of our music-making. We learn a range of songs linked to different areas of our curriculum and they help us to develop our skills in dynamics, using notation, tempo as well as starting to recognise different musical styles and genres. 

One of our favourite songs at the moment is all about animals and we even sang it when we walked around Yorkshire Wildlife Park! Have a listen....

Awesome Animals at Yorkshire Wildlife Park 26.01.23

As part of our science work this half term on categorising animals, we visited Yorkshire Wildlife Park today. We learnt that a wildlife park is a place where they look after wild animals that are in danger and they live in enclosures that replicate their usual habitats.

We used the symbols on a map to find our way around and used an iPad to take photos of the animals we saw. Whilst we were exploring the park, we saw meerkats, lions, monkeys, a tiger, giraffes, sea lions, red pandas, ostriches and even polar bears!

We looked closely at each animal and described what they looked like and what they were doing. We used the information signs to help us as well. This helped us to group the animals into mammals and birds.

’Red pandas are really good climbers’-Dominic.  ‘Giraffes have long necks to eat leaves’-Szymon.    ‘Sea lions like jumping and playing like us’-Filip.     ‘Are ostriches like penguins because they have wings but can’t fly?’-Aniyah.       

A Beautiful Baptism 13.01.23

This week we have been learning about the symbols of baptism. We can name the oil, a candle, the white garment, a font and water. We also know that there are godparents who are chosen by the baby’s parents to help the baby follow the word of God.

Today we went to visit Father Polland in church and we acted out our own baptism. He also told us why these symbols are important in a baptism. We also asked Father Polland some tricky questions of our own!

’When was Jesus baptised? Who baptised him?’- Aniyah

’What makes holy water holy?’-Eliza

Perfect Ten 12.01.23

We started our new maths unit on place value using numbers to 20. We counted backwards and forwards to 20 from different numbers. Then we used cubes, straws and Numicon to make 10.


Today we celebrated the feast of the Epiphany when the Wise Men went to worship Jesus.

After Mass, we made stars and talked together about how we can let our light shine just like the star that the Wise Men followed. Then we made our own crowns and pretended to be the Wise Men. After that we played some games with Year Two and then we shared food together. Happy Epiphany everyone!

The Nativity! 16.12.22

Today, together with Year Two, we spread some Christmas cheer! We used all our talents in acting, singing and dancing to tell the story of that first Christmas. We had fun and now everyone knows the true meaning of the season. Merry Christmas everyone!

Which is the largest tree? 16.12.22
Year One are tree experts and we ended our science topic by trying to find the largest tree. We worked in groups to measure around the trunks of the trees outside our school with a tape measure. It was tricky but lots of fun!

Christmas Choral Concert 7.12.22

During this half term we have been learning some new Christmas songs with Miss Leather every Wednesday. Today we performed some of them to the rest of the school. We sang two songs on our own and then another with years 5 and 6. Mr Strong said our singing made him smile and feel very Christmassy! We hope you enjoy them too……

Trees with Debbie 24.11.22

Today we met Debbie the Park Ranger and she was very impressed that we already knew the difference between evergreen and deciduous trees. Together we explored the trees in Middleton Woods. We learnt the names of the trees such as larch, yew, holly, silver birch, sycamore, maple, beech, ash and many many more! We compared the leaves that we found and tried to match them to the right tree. Debbie also told us how you can find out the age of a tree and we saw two trees that were huge and hundred of years old.

We are now tree experts, thank you Debbie!

We all live in a Yellow Submarine!

Judo 15.11.22

Today we had a special visitor, a judo teacher! After some exercises, he taught us some special moves that we practiced with a partner.

We had fun learning a new skill and lots of us want to join his after school club!

Fabulous Fireworks Part Two 10.11.22

We ended our firework poetry unit with a fizz, a whizz and a bang today! We decided to write our own poems  just like James Carter’s but we wanted to change the verbs. We practiced each line before we wrote it down to check that it fit with the pattern. Then we rehearsed our poems adding expression, sound effects and even musical accompaniment!


Don’t forget to say thank you! 4.11.22

Today was our very first assembly where we reminded people how fortunate we are to have all the food we have. We also told everyone to always remember to say thank you so that we are showing how grateful we are. Mrs Morland and Mr Strong were very proud of us. We remembered all our words and we tried to use our loud clear voices.

 Thank you to all the grown ups who came to see us, we hoped you enjoyed it!

Fabulous Fireworks! 02.11.22

Today we were sent a mysterious video message from someone called James Carter. We discovered that he was a poet and he shared one of his poems with us called ‘Firework Poem’.  We enjoyed it so much that we decided to learn it off by heart just like James Carter. We worked in groups to learn a verse each which we rehearsed adding expression and actions. Mrs Morland made a video of our poem which we are going to send back to James Carter.


 Wonderful Things on Planet Earth! 20.10.22
This week in English we have been learning about reports. We started by looking at lots of different ones and we now know that they all have headings, information, labels and captions. We then decided to write our own reports using all the facts we had read about in 'Here We Are' by Oliver Jeffers. We also tried to add some of these features in our own writing. 

We are Unique! 12.10.22
As part of our artwork around self portraits, we experimented with charcoal.

At first we explored the marks we could make with the charcoal in our sketch books. Then we practiced drawing each feature of our face as accurately as we could. Finally we carefully drew our self portraits. 
It was tricky but we were proud of our hard work.

Jumping, throwing, running! 06.10.22

Today Mrs Morland set us a circuit challenge. Over the last few weeks we have been practising our agility skills in PE. We have learnt how to run, jump and catch more accurately and today we put all these together to complete the circuit. It was tiring but lots of fun!

Marvellous Middleton! 27.09.22

In geography we have been learning about our local area. 
Today we learnt the name of the place where we live, it’s MIDDLETON! We used maps and aerial photographs to find all the things that we think make Middleton a marvellous place to live. We noticed that one of the maps had symbols on and we learnt that a book was a school, a red cross was a hospital, a shopping basket was a supermarket and a leaf were parks and gardens.

”We are lucky, our school, has a huge field”- Eliza.

”We have lots of bus stops. I like bus stops because I like riding the bus, you can see lots of places on a bus”- Ignacy.

”I like exploring the woods”- Nosa.

” I love the park because there’s a lake there and also you can play games on the tennis and basketball courts”-Carter.

”We like the lake in the park because there are beautiful swans and sometimes there are ducks swimming around “- Dominic and Henry.

Then we went on a walk around our local area to see if we could find all the places we had seen on the map. We decided to draw our own maps of what we had seen and then we used them to describe where these places were. 

The wonderful Miss Leather 14.09.22

Today was our first week of choral singing with Miss Leather. She taught us a few new rhymes and short songs and she was really impressed with how carefully we listened. We can't wait to hear how our singing voices will improve this year! 

Watch the short video to hear us in action....

Careful Counting

Over the last two weeks we have been learning more about numbers to 10. We started by sorting objects in different ways such as by colour or by type. Then we counted carefully how many we had in each group. After that we matched the number so that everyone knew how many there were. Finally we worked hard to find missing numbers in sequences. 

Meet the Teacher Meeting 08.09.22

It was lovely to meet so many of you on Thursday, some familiar faces and some new! Please find the PowerPoint below with all the information that we discussed. If you have any questions, please ask one of the Year One team.