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"In the light of Christ, where everyone is valued and learning is celebrated"

Welcome to the exciting world of the Wonderful Ones!
We are full of fun, laughter, enthusiasm and love.
There are 33 of us including Mrs Morland, Miss Corrigan and Mr Crossland.

D Side 07.07.22

Dave from D Side came to talk to us today all about our bodies. We learnt what are heart, lungs and stomach are and what they are for. Then we Zog the Robot make a healthy lunch. Finally we learnt how to keep clean and how to exercise. Dave was impressed with how much we know but we also learnt lots of new facts.

Exploring Tropical World 29.06.22

Today we visited Tropical World as part of our science topic about plants.
We were amazed at all the different kinds of plants we found and we used our senses to describe what they were like. We used clues from their habitats to try to explain why they are like the way they are. 

We also discovered some animal friends too!

After our lunch in Roundhay Park, we were set the challenge to find five different kinds of leaves. We made leaf rubbings of the ones we found to help us describe them.

We have learnt lots of names of plants and flowers including trees today!
Some of the photos in the slideshow below are some of the plants that we found interesting and we took the photos ourselves using an iPad.

Science Day 24.06.22

Today we learnt about two scientists: Charles Macintosh and John Dunlop.

We now know that Charles Macintosh helped to invent the  raincoat by brushing cotton with different substances and John Dunlop tested different tyres to see how bouncy they were. 

We then conducted our own experiments to find the best waterproof material from glue and oil. We found that oil was the most waterproof because no water seeped through the oily material.

We then tested a wooden, rubber and a foam ball to see which would bounce the highest.  

Terrific Treat!

This week we completed our phonics screening check. We worked so so so hard and tried our very best. Mrs Morland, Miss Corrigan and Mr Crossland are so proud of us so they took us to the park this afternoon as a treat. We had a picnic all together and then we played some parachute games. After that we explored the playground and then as a final surprise we all had an ice cream! We had a brilliant time!

The Gigantic Turnip by Aleksei Tolstoy, Niamh Sharkey and Imelda Staunton

This week in English we have started reading traditional tales and we now know that these are stories that have been told lost and lots of times. The first traditional tale that we are enjoying is The Gigantic Turnip after we discovered some turnips growing in our vegetable garden! With some help from Miss James we retold the story together, it was very tiring!

Partitioning with ten and ones

This week in maths we have been learning more about numbers all the way to 100! First we practiced counting forwards and backwards from different numbers using a 10O square. Then we used different resources to help us partition numbers into tens and ones.

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

This week we are celebrating the queen and we were amazed to find out that she has been doing this very important but difficult job for 70 years!
After researching what a queen is, we decided to write letters to her majesty to say thank you for everything she does for us.

On Thursday, we found out more about just one of the decades of her reign, the 2000s. We learnt about lots of important people and events that happened including Mrs Morland getting married and Mr Crossland was born! We then put these in order on a timeline. 
Finally, Mrs Morland set us a challenge to make our own Union Jack flag using just red, blue and white. We worked together to weave different materials and we were very proud of our creations.

Phonics Screening Check

Thank you to everyone who attended our meeting about the phonics screening check for Year One which is taking place the first week back after the half term holidays. Below are the slides that we discussed and if you have any questions, please ask a member of the Year One team. 

Healthy Week

This week we have been trying lots of different activities to help us keep healthy.

On Monday we became dazzling dancers!

On Tuesday we became amazing athletes! Some of the activities were tricky but we persevered and Miss Carberry was very impressed. Thank you to our excellent  5SC leaders for showing us what to do and suggesting improvements we could make.

Then we made a tasty snack. We used five different fruits and vegetables to make a face and we worked together to prepare what we needed. They were delicious!

Finally on Friday we tried Clubbercise with Miss Valet and Year Two. We didn’t stop moving for the whole half hour. It was exhausting but great fun, thank you Miss Valet!

Fun with Fractions 

This week we have been learning about fractions in Maths. We now know that half means two equal parts and quarter means four equal parts. We found halves and quarters of shapes and then numbers. Now we can see halves and quarters everywhere!

Hmmmm, what’s happened here?
After months of waiting, today was a very exciting day in Year One! Builders have come to fit our new door to our outside area. We were very curious to see what they were doing and we were amazed when it was finished. Thank you to Miss Valet and 6AV for letting us use your classroom.

I Want My Hat Back 03.03.22

Now we know this story really well, Mrs Morland read it with us again and we had to say the parts that were missing. We had noticed that some of the sentences were repeated and this helped us to remember the order. It was also a great opportunity to practise using expression.

World Book Day 03.03.22

Today we shared a new story called 'I Want My Hat Back' by Jon Klassen. It reminded us of the need to tell the truth even when we have done something wrong. We decided to make a new hat for Rabbit so that he wouldn't have to steal Bear's again. We worked together to share our ideas of what we think Rabbit would like. After that we used lots of ingredients to make our own Rabbits. They were so tasty we had to eat him all up. After all that's what we think has happened to him in the story!

Book Bingo Winners 04.02.22 

In Year One Mrs Morland has set us a book bingo challenge. There are 12 different challenges to do all around different kinds of things we can read. Today Mr Strong came and presented the prizes to our first set of winners!

Superb Singing 02.02.22

We had a treat this morning, singing with Miss Leather. She had heard what wonderful singers we are in Year One and she was very impressed. Miss Leather told us that she would like some of us to join her cathedral choir we were that good!

Guest Readers 07.01.22

We had a lovely surprise today, some guest readers came to our class to share their favourite stories! We really enjoyed listening to them and all the adults want to come back and read us another story.Go to our English page to see what other exciting things we have been doing in reading this week.

I'm Gonna Shine, A Christmas Production by Key Stage One

We have been working hard practicing our Christmas production with Year Two called 'I'm Gonna Shine!' all about a big star. We learnt our lines, acted and sang songs to help us tell the nativity story. It was the only time Mrs Morland said we could use our loud voices inside! We know that it doesn't matter what part you are playing, every one is important otherwise a part of the story would be missing. We were a little nervous when the big day came because this was one of the first times we have performed to an audience in the hall not to mention all the grown ups watching over Zoom at home. But we were really proud of ourselves when Mr Strong, Mrs Williams, Miss Hartshorne, lots of other teachers and some of our friends in other classes told us how amazing we were and how they especially liked our singing. We really shone!


A Cold Surprise! 29.11.21

We found lots of snow waiting for us when we arrived at school this morning! We had lots of fun playing in it even though it is really cold today. Lots of us decided to work together to build a snowman.

Wear it Red Day! 21.10.21

Today was 'Wear it Red Day' in school to raise awareness of dyslexia. We completed lots of challenges just using red and then we decided to bake some red buns. We had to follow the picture clues on the recipe cards carefully so we knew what to do. It was hard work but they tasted delicious!

Number Bonds 17.01.22

We have been working hard to learn all the number bonds to 10 this week. We played lots of games to help us remember them as quickly as we can!

Numbers to 20 06.12.21

This week we have been learning about numbers to 20. We started practicing counting forwards and backwards to 20. We noticed that a lot of the numbers past 10 have teen in them. We used numicon and dinnese to make the different teen numbers and this helped us to write them as well making sure that we always started with 1 because they all had 1 ten hiding inside them.

Super Shapes 22.11.21

We are learning about 2D and 3D shapes this week. We started with 3D shapes which we learnt are those that we can pick up and hold. We found lots around school and we described what they are like. Some of their names are tricky to remember! Then we learnt that 2D shapes are those that we can't pick up and we had lots of fun making our own.


Part-part-whole 09.10.21

We are learning how to use the part-whole model in maths which sounds really complicated but it's not really! First we started thinking about what the words part and whole meant using fruit. It was messy but we could see where the parts and the wholes were. Then we used cubes to help us and now we are going to use what we know now to write addition sentences.

Careful Counting!

We have been very busy during our first week in Year One practising our counting skills. First we sorted objects. Then we had the idea of putting each group into a line to make them easier to count. Teddy explained that, "that way we don't miss any out when we are counting".


Our School Fair 25.01.22

In English this week we are continuing to read Dogger by Shirley Hughes. Today we stopped at the part where they had their School Fair. We wanted to know more about what one is like so we decided to have our own! We played lots of games which were tricky but we persevered. We ended our School Fair with two races: an egg and spoon race and a three legged race, just like in the story. It was lots of fun! We then decided to plan and write our own stories for Dogger's adventures at the school fair.

Dirty Dogger 14.02.22

This week we have started reading Dogger by Shirley Hughes. We have only read the first few pages and we wanted to know how Dave keeps Dogger clean so we experimented with washing our reading buddies. They were very dirty!

We Love Reading 03.01.21

In Year One, we love reading! Alice told us that reading helps us learn new words and Josef told us that we can learn new things from non fiction books. This week was especially fun. First Mrs Morland set us a challenge to find an unusual place to read. We found lots of places both inside and out. Some of us stayed in the classroom with Mr Crossland and read in the dark by torchlight. Then we made book review mobiles telling everyone about our new favourite books. Finally we had some surprise guest readers come to visit us!

Searching for Owl Mother 14.10.21

This week we have been reading 'Owl Babies' by Martin Waddell but Owl Mother has disappeared! We decided to go to Middleton Woods to find her using the clues from the story on our search. We found some holes in tree trunks and Mr Crossland went to look to see if Owl Mother's nest was there as he is the tallest but there were no leaves, twigs or owl feathers so we kept on looking. We found lots of feathers on the ground which showed us which way to go. Finally we found her sitting on a tree branch! We were really quiet so we did not startle her and we wrapped her Miss Corrigan's scarf so that we did not get scratched by her sharp talons and pointy beak. When we got back to school we found the three owl babies there and Sianna thinks that is because 'Owl Mother has been calling for them and they have been calling for her'.

It is Autumn! 07.10.21

Today is National Poetry Day and we read a poem in class all about Autumn. Then we decided that we could change it using all that we have learnt about seasons in science. Jayden told us that, 'we are going to make the poem cooler and better!' We worked in small groups to write our new verses and then we put them all together to make our new poem. We thought of actions to help us to remember the words. Our poem was so good that we performed it in front of the whole school in our Poetry Slam!


Reconciliation 07.03.22

Today we had a special reconciliation as part of our preparation for Lent. On a tear drop we wrote about a time we were sorry and wanted God to forgive us. During our worship, Mrs Morland read our reading all about the Our Father. Then five of us read out the bidding prayers in a loud clear voice so that everyone could join in with the responses. After that we offered our tear drops to God and in return collected a crocus bulb which we are going to plant and watch as the new life grows.


That First Christmas

We have been spending a lot of our time learning about the Christmas story and what exactly happened all those years ago. We all knew that Christmas is when we remember when Jesus was born but we didn't know about all the other amazing things that happened. First we learnt that Angel Gabriel visited Mary and told her the exciting news. Then we heard how she rushed to tell her cousin Elizabeth what had happened. Finally we learnt about how the shepherds heard the good news, one of our favourite parts was when the sky was filled with angels! At each point, we used playdough models to help us retell what had happened and to help us describe how all these people would have felt and why. Look carefully at our creations, can you see which part of the story they are about?

Other Exciting Topics

Abbey House Museum 09.02.22

As part of our learning around Toys in the Past, Year One went to visit Abbey House Museum today. We met a curator called Lynn who explained all about different old toys and how they worked. We even got to try some out for ourselves, they weren't as easy as they looked! Then we explored the toy galleries and were amazing at all the different kinds of toys we found. There were lots that are like the ones we play with now but learnt how they are different.

How do you make recycled paper 12.01.22

In Year One we know that we put paper in the green recycling bin but we wanted to know more about what happens to it after that. We watched a video all about how paper is recycled and we drew pictures to help us remember each step. Finally we decided to use what we had found out to make our own recycled paper! Mrs Williams was very curious to see how it turned out....

Making Beebots Move

In Computing this half term we have been learning how to make Beebots move. We programmed them with instructions such as forwards, backwards, left and right. Sometimes we made mistakes and they went the wrong way! We weren't allowed to pick them up because that would be cheating! Instead we had to work together to fix what had gone wrong