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Year 5

Jeudi 8 Fevrier

Year 5 have moved on to family members and learned the vocabulary!

Vendredi 12 Janvier

Year 5 have continued with their French by learning all about facial features, they were even able to follow French instructions and colour in a monster!

Vendredi 15 Decembre

Year 5 have been working on their French vocabulary for body parts! Let's listen to their wonderful pronunciation!

Lundi 20 Novembre

Year 5 continued working hard on facial features and used their reading skills to draw characters!

Mercredi 8 Novembre

Year 5 practised their writing skills through the vocabulary of facial features!

Mercredi 18 Octobre

Year 5 revised their French vocabulary of shapes! Listen to their fantastic pronunciations!

Vendredi 13 Octobre

Year 5 enhanced their French skills by working on describing artistic pictures with shapes! They also learned on how to describe the position of an object... A gauche, a droite, a cote de...

Vendredi 22 September

Year 5 continued their French journey by naming and describing shapes! Can you spot le grand cercle rouge?