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Dinner Menus

Please click the link below to see the menu available.  This is a 3 week rotating menu, the dates related to each week are written in the top left of the page.

3 Week Menu

School Meals
School meals are provided free of charge for all children in Reception and up to and including Year 2, this is a government initiative called Universal School Meals. It is still parental choice as to whether your child takes up the opportunity and you can decide if you want your child to stay on packed lunches. School meals are provided and transported by the Catering Agency and served at school. There is a choice of menu each day and special dietary arrangements can be catered for if necessary.

We require a 2 week notice period if your child would like to change meal arrangements.   School meals are provided free of charge to all children from Reception up to Year 2.   We have 3 choices of meals. The children choose in class with their teacher, a copy of the menu is available on this page.  Please advise us of any allergies or dietary needs so we can adjust meals accordingly.

If you want older children to have a hot lunch the prices are below or they can choose to have packed lunches if you wish, the choice is yours.

Since the introduction of Universal Free School Meals the uptake of Free School Meals has significantly declined.  If you think your child may be eligible for free School Meals please call the benefits helpline on 0113 2224044.  They will discuss your income and assess your family's criteria.

All Meals are £2.60 per meal per day with a weekly charge of £13.00 from Year 3 upwards.  This must be paid on a weekly basis.
By the time children come to school we expect that they will be able to eat with a knife, fork and spoon and have acceptable table manners. After dinner the children play outside if the weather is fine and are supervised indoors if the weather is poor.

Packed Lunches
If you prefer your child to have a packed lunch, a lunch box marked with the child’s name should be provided. Glass containers should not be used. Sweets/chocolate bars and fizzy drinks should not be part of a child’s packed lunch. All left overs are brought home in the lunch box so that parents can monitor what their child has eaten.  HOT drinks and meals are not permitted in packed lunch boxes, a warm soup is allowed but this will be at the discretion of the lunchtime staff.

Lunch at Home
If you wish to take your child home for lunch please follow the times for returning them.
Key Stage 1 break for lunch at 11:45am and return for 12:30pm
Key Stage 2 break for lunch at 12.15pm and return at 1.00pm

There is no provision for your child’s supervision during lunchtime in this case and parents assume this responsibility. It is better therefore if you return your child to school for the beginning of the afternoon session.

We are a cashless school so all payments for Meals, Voluntary Contribution Scheme, Trips and Bookbags etc are paid online.  If you choose not to pay online we can provide you with a PayPoint slip to take to any outlet to pay your outstanding amounts.
Packed Lunch Policy