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St Philip's Catholic Primary and Nursery School

"In the light of Christ, where everyone is valued and learning is celebrated"



Our intent is that children leave St. Philip’s with the ability to write with confidence and accuracy as we believe this is a tool which will support them through life.

We have mapped our engaging curriculum in a genre map (see below) which is progressive: children will revisit genres at numerous times during their time at St Philip’s but each time the content of what they are learning will be built upon. We ensure that we use shared language to support children to make links to prior knowledge.

We look for opportunities in texts we are reading, or topics the children are enjoying, to provide children with a genuine purpose and audience for their writing. This means that our pupils are motivated to write.

We see writing as a process, not a single event, developing understanding about how to improve their work is key to their progression as writers. We provide children with a range of writing activities that support the organisation and development of ideas. We acknowledge that producing quality writing is a complex process so we use a number of strategies to help such as: prewriting activities, drafting and sharing ideas.

We promote and develop pupil’s transcriptional skills (handwriting and spelling) through discreet teaching and extensive practice.  We do this so that cognitive resources can be freed from focusing on handwriting and spelling and can be re-directed towards composition.

Writing Genre Map