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Design Technology


Year 3 - Exploring Pneumatics

Year 3 have begun their DT topic for this term learning all about pneumatics. They were given the task of trying to move a book without touching it with their hands. Determined as ever, they found lots of inventive ways to move their books until they were told that no part of their body could touch the book. After many different ideas the children eventually worked out that they need to safely blow into the bags to inflate them and lift the books.  Following on from this, they learnt about what pneumatics systems are and how they work.

Stay tuned to see what pneumatic inventions Year 3 will be creating over the next couple of weeks!

Year 1 - Structures - Making Windmills

Year 1 have been set an extremely important task in their DT topic of Structures this term! They have to design a windmill for a mouse to live in. After spending time researching and learning about different types of windmills and the components needed to make one, they have begun assembling their structures. Take a look below at Year 1 assembling their turbines. 

Year 2 - Structures - Bug Hotels

In DT, Year 2 have been exploring structures by creating Bug Hotels. After learning about different insects and their habitats, they designed their structures using natural materials. Year 2 placed their Bug Hotels around the peace garden and went back after 5 days to see if they had attracted anything. They found woodlice, ants and ladybirds - what a success!

Year 1 - Cooking Pancakes

To celebrate Shrove Tuesday,  Year 1 made pancakes. They carefully followed a recipe to ensure their pancakes were delicious.

How great do they look in our new cooking aprons!

Year 6 - Structures - WW2 Lighthouses

 Linking with their History topic (World War 2) and Science topic (Electricity), Year 6 have created their own Lighthouses. After spending some time researching and learning about Lighthouses, they designed and created their own ensuring they had a strong and stable structure as well as focusing on the aesthetics. 

Year 4 - Viking Long Boats

Year 4 have been extremely busy making Viking Long Boats in their DT topic this term! After learning all about Vikings and their ships in History, they were able to identify the key features of a Viking Long Boat and understood their purposes. Using the design brief, they designing their Viking Long Boats and labelled their design with what materials they would use. Once they had made their products, they tested them out to see if they would stay afloat - some were successful and some not! They were able to evaluate their Viking Long Boats looking specifically at what worked well, the challenges they faced and what they would change next time.