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St Philip's Catholic Primary and Nursery School

"In the light of Christ, where everyone is valued and learning is celebrated"



Our new school library is a sacred place in the heart of of our school and we now have librarians from Year Five to help Mrs Morland look after it.

Not only do they scan library books and restock shelves, they help their friends to select a book. 
If you would like to apply to become a librarian, please see Mrs Morland for an application form.

Meet our Librarians

"I enjoy all sorts of books such as fantasy and non fiction so I want to assist people who are trying to pick a book. If a book is good, I can imagine myself there”.

”I like reading books that make me laugh. My favourite book is Ratburger by David Walliams. I want to help others to make more exciting and adventurous choices with their reading books”.

”Reading helps you relax or calm down. I enjoy reading adventure books since they make me feel like I am in a wonderland of twists and solutions”.

”In the library, I am constantly learning and it is calm and quiet which I like. I love reading! Being a librarian allows me to share my passion with others and to encourage them to be as passionate about books as I am”.

”Reading helps me to relax and focus. You can usually find a book about anything! Lots will help you learn about the past or facts but some will help you if you are worrying about something”.

”Reading is important because it gives you knowledge. I can guide people to a book they would like to read”.

”Reading is important because in the future it is a skill you need to get a job. I will help people enjoy reading more books”.

”I have always enjoyed reading and reading to others. Right from Nursery, I always picked up a book as I found it interesting. Reading opens up your knowledge of the world”.

”I love books! Reading keeps your mind active and it helps you to develop your imagination”.

”I enjoyed reading ‘The Railway Children’ by Edith Nesbit because it taught me that I should be kind, brave and loving. It also taught me that, ‘if you do good things, more great things will happen’”.

Reading Buddies 

One of the roles of a librarian is to be a reading buddy. Every Friday morning before assembly, each librarian listens to a child in Year One read a few pages of their reading book, helping them to read fluently and with expression as well as talking about what they have read. Then the librarian will read a library book to them.

Pay as You Feel Sale

When the librarians found out that not all of the children in our school have books of their own at home, they decided to hold a book sale. All the teachers donated books that they no longer needed and on World Book Day, they organised a pay as you feel sale.

It was such a success that it lasted two days and everyone was very generous. In total we raised £86 and we are going to put this money towards new books for the library.