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Sports Leaders

Here at St. Philip’s, we have our Upper Key Stage 2 Sports Leaders team as part of our PE provision.

If children are interested in becoming a Sports Leader, they can apply at the start of the academic year that they begin Year 5.  They complete an application form stating why they want to be a Sports Leader, listing sports they enjoy and/or are part of in and outside of the school day, and most importantly, explaining why they feel they would be an excellent Sports Leader!

Sports Leaders are trained at the beginning of the year to lead activities and games with younger children and are taught the important qualities that are needed when working with young people. Once they have become qualified and received their certificates, Sports Leaders work with Reception, Key Stage 1 and Lower Key Stage 2 children during break and lunchtimes each week to lead games and ensure playtimes are inclusive for everyone and that no child is left alone with no one to play with. This role develops important values such as patience, friendship, compassion and kindness as well as building their confidence and communication skills throughout the year.

Sports Leaders will regularly meet to discuss any ideas regarding Physical Education. Sports leaders have an opportunity to share their own thoughts and opinions with the group and collectively agree on any decisions that are made.

Sports Leaders also help to organise and lead events such as Sports Day, Sports Relief and Sports matches for inter school competitions, and give opinions on what they would like our PE and sport provision at St. Philip’s to offer in the future.

Here are the St. Philip's Sports Leaders for 2021/2022:

-Maya - Senior Sports Leader
-Mrs Tammy Shea - Staff Representative

Why do you want to be a Sports Leader?
"I wish to help younger and older children to be able to have fun during play, participate in different games with others, make new friends and strengthen relationships." - Maya

"I want to be a Sports Leader because I love sports and being active with other people." - Lauren

What sports do you enjoy?
"I love playing football but also enjoy trampolining and archery." - Eli

"My favourite sports are basketball, volleyball, rounders, gymnastics and swimming." - Gabriella

Are you part of any clubs outside of school?
"Right now I go to basketball club, swimming classes and tennis lessons." - Lanre

"I am a part of LDM basketball and am also part of the school football team." - Bongie

Why do you feel you would be a good Sports Leader?
"I think I would be a good Sports Leader because I am kind, patient and thoughtful and also I love making people happy." - Tayla

"Helping people have fun and teaching them how to play games is important so people won't spend playtime alone." - Rugile