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Year 6

Vendredi 24 Novembre

Year 6 have moved on to learning all about breakfast vocabulary! Qu'est-ce que tu manges au petit dejeuner?

Our French bag went home for great participation and fantastic pronunciation!

Vendredi 17 Novembre

Year 6 have written their first letters to their French pen pals in Compiegne!

The French bag went home for sharing great ideas on what to write within our letters.

Vendredi 10 Novembre

Year 6 continued to tell the time in French! Listen to the FANTASTIQUE pronunciation!

Vendredi 20 Octobre

Year 6 used their mathematical knowledge to tell the time in French! Our French bag was taken home for superb pronunciation and participation!

Vendredi 13 Octobre

Year 6 learned the 5 times table in French this week! We used our speaking skills to practise before using our memory skills to recall them! Our French bag was taken home for great participation and superb effort! Felicitations!

Vendredi 22 September

Year 6 has now moved onto learning to key words to ask questions in French!

Quand? Comment? Pourquoi? Ou? Qui? Que? Quel/Quelle?

Vendredi 8 Septembre

 Year 6 children expanded their French vocabulary by learning how to describe someone's hair and the colours of their eyes; and what better way to do this than to use the pictures of staff from our own school? Children looked at the pictures and ticked off which feature each member of staff has!