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In Year 3 we are learning to play the djembe drum and we have weekly lessons. We are learning lots about different rhythms we can play and how the different areas of the drums make different sounds. It's very noisy, but we love it!

Science Magnetic fields 14.10.21

Today in Year 3 we have been exploring how to make things move without touching them. Miss Meeson gave us the challenge of drawing our own road map and then to draw a little car to drive on it. We stuck a paper clip to the back of our car (Miss said it was so it didn't blow away). Miss M then told us we couldn't use our hands to move the car, so we thought up lots of really imaginative ways that we could move it. We used pencils, our elbows, noses all sorts of things. Then Miss Meeson said we couldn't touch it at all!! We stepped up to the challenge and tried blowing it and tipping the card up. Then Miss M told us we couldn't blow on it, tip it or touch it!! This had us very confused, until finally we realised that we could use a magnet as we had learnt about how they attract metal. We tried magnets but they just picked up our cars! We had to think again so we tried putting our magnets underneath the card and it worked!! We learnt how magnets can attract through materials but how they need to be stronger magnets to attract through thicker barriers. We then learnt about what a magnetic field is and got to see these in action using iron filings. We saw how the little magnets had a little magnetic field and the larger magnets had a much larger magnetic field.

Transitions in powerpoint 4.10.21

Here are a few of the transitions that children in Year 3 added to their powerpoints this week.

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Computing - Transitions in Powerpoint 4.10.21

This week in Year 3, we have been learning how to duplicate slides and add transitions to them in Powerpoint. We were really excited to show our work to the rest of the class by attaching our lap tops to the smart board.

YEAR 3 2020 - 2021 Leeds Industrial Museum at Armley Mills

Year 3 visited Armley Mills on Thursday 1st Jul to experience life back in the Victorian era. They got to see some authentic machinery that they may have been working on in the Victorian era and also got first hand experience on what life was like inside a Victorian classroom!