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Tasks to try for 20th January 2021

Good Morning! Here are the tasks for today. I will go through these in our Zoom meetings at 9:30 and 11:00. See you then!

Tasks to try for 19th January 2021 (Part 2)

Good Morning! Here are the tasks for today. I will go through these in our Zoom meetings at 9:30 and 11:00. See you then!

Tasks to try for 19th January 2021

Good Morning! Here are the tasks for today. I will go through these in our Zoom meetings at 9:30 and 11:00. See you then!

Tasks to try for 18th January 2021

Good Morning! Here are the tasks for today. I will go through these in our Zoom meetings at 9:30 and 11:00. See you then!

Tasks to try for 15th January 2021

Good Morning! Here are the tasks for today. I will go through these in our Zoom meetings at 9:30 and 11:00. See you then!

Tasks to try for 14th January 2021

Good Morning! Here are the tasks for today. I will go through these in our Zoom meetings at 9:30 and 11:00. See you then!

Task for the the 12th January 2021

Good Morning! Here are the tasks for today. I will go through these in our Zoom meetings at 9:30 and 11:00. See you then!

Tasks to try for 8th January 2010

Good Morning! Here are the tasks for today. I will go through these in our Zoom meetings at 9:30 and 11:00. See you then!

Science Task 7th January 2021

Hello Year 3! Here is an activity for you to try! It has two parts: 1: Can you label this plant diagram and try find out as much as you can about the flowers, leaves, stem and roots? Write what you find on this diagram. 2: Look in your your house or garden. Can you find a plant, grass or a tree? Draw these in as much detail as you can. What do you notice? We will look at these next week in Science.

Tasks to Try for 6th January 2021

Hello Year 3! Here are some tasks for you to try on Wednesday! There are multiplication questions that test your times table knowledge and some word problems that need you to think carefully about what you read. There are also Guided Reading questions on a short passage that asks: "What are rain forests?" Don't worry if you are unsure of what to do. We will go through these tasks in our Zoom meetings on Wednesday. See you then!

Work to try for the Week Beginning 2nd November 2020

Here are some tasks for you to try this week: - There are two Guided Reading tasks: 1: This is an extract from Stig of the Dump and questions you can try to answer about these. 2: This is an inference task using pictures to answer as many questions as you can. - The English task involves improving the sentences you have been given with descriptive language. - The Maths task involves testing your understanding of addition and subtraction column method. Good luck!

Work to try for the 16th October 2020

Here are some tasks for you to try today: 1: English: Can you convert these first sentences into the past tense? After that, please write a recount telling us what happens every day at play time. 2: Maths: Please work through these addition and subtraction problems. Can you solve these word problems and look for patterns in some of your answers? 3: Geography: Can you use the information on this sheet to complete this Map of Europe? Don't worry if you can't complete every question. We will be continuing this work next week.

Work to try for the 15th October 2020

Good Morning! Here are some tasks for you to try today: 1: Here are some sentences that need changing into the past tense by changing the verb. Then you need to add the correct punctuation to these sentences and describe your favourite game or activity in your best handwriting. 2: In the Maths activity you need to find fractions of these numbers. Then you need to solve these addition and subtraction word problems. Good luck!

Work to try for the 14th October 2020

Here are two tasks for you to try today: - English: Can you firstly convert these 5 sentences into the past tense by changing the verbs? Can you then improve the second passage of writing by including capital letters and correct punctuation? - Maths: Can you find the fractions of these numbers and explain how you found these? Can you then work through these column method questions? What must we remember when using column method? Good luck!

Work to try for the 13th October 2020

Here are some more activities to try at home! 1) Can you solve these addition and subtraction problems? Can you explain the reasons for your answers? 2) Read this poem about a strange school assembly. Can you answer the questions about this?

Work to try for the 12th October 2020

Here are some tasks to try at home to help improve your learning: Maths: Look at the document attached. Can you add 10 to each of the numbers on page 1? Then can you show your understanding of adding multiple of tens by working through the yellow and green tasks? English: Remember our friend Fantastic Mr. Fox? Can you write your letter persuading him to come and visit our class this week? Try to use those persuasive adjectives and modal verbs (e.g. must, should, etc) we have used in class. Good luck!

World Mental Health Day: Acts of Kindness

For this year's World Mental Health Day Year 3 have been concentrating on "Acts of Kindness". We have discussed how we could show kindness to others through our actions and how we treat others. To show these actions, we tried to imagine what a robot would look like if we designed it so that its only function was to be kind to others. Here is what the children designed:

Watch out for your Spelling Shed log in details. Your teacher should be giving you these very shortly.
What is happening at home?

Bluebell has been very busy at home! Even though it was raining last Friday, she felt inspired by the weather and decided to paint! She has also done some beautiful colouring on a colouring bag! What an artist! But that's not all! Bluebell did some extremely beautiful craft by making a crown using her old African print dress! I'm amazed! She has also taken time to go on a lovely walk in Gledhow Valley Woods and had a wonderful time! Thank you for sharing these lovely pictures with us Bluebell! :D

What is happening at home?

Gracelyn has kindly shared a lovely Art work she has taken time to make at home! Well done Gracelyn! It looks beautiful! Please don't hesitate to share some Art or other creative projects you have made at home! Email them to me at :)

What is happening at home?

Erin has welcomed a new addition to her family! A new PUPPY! As you know, I loooove dogs and I absolutely needed to share these pictures! Say BONJOUR to Winnie! :D

What is happening at home?

Well done to Bluebell for doing some beautiful Art activities at home! :) Well done as well to Sharyn for becoming a CHEF! The cake looks very yummy! :D

Work ideas for week beginning 22.6.2020

Bonjour! I hope you are all doing well! :) First of all, thank you so much to those who have been taking part in our "Let's take a closer look" challenge! It has been so lovely to receive so many pictures! We will continue this challenge this week, so don't hesitate to email me what you think the objects are, from the different pictures I have uploaded! Feel free to also send me any new ones! :) Thank you as well for sending me any work that you have completed at home, it has been incredibly helpful to receive so many wonderful instructions about what to do if I meet an alien! This week, I thought I would try a new technique for home learning and decided to find different activities that can be done each day. Please understand that it may seem like A LOT of work, however, not everything needs to be done on that certain day! Please adapt these activities with the routine that you have set up at home! :) I have also included a writing activity to be able to encourage children to practise their handwriting as well as checking their spelling! ;) Remember, check more than once!! If there is anything you might need help with, please don't hesitate to contact me at :) Have a lovely week, and remember to keep going on TT Rock Stars to continue working hard on your Times Tables! :D

What is happening at home?

Here are some lovely pictures that Marysia has kindly shared with me! Not only has she been doing a lot of work at home, she has also taken time to do some Arts and Craft! Well done Marysia, keep it up! :D

Let's have a closer look...

Thank you to Marysia and Natalia for taking part in our challenge this week! Can you guess what they have taken a picture of? Have a closer look...

Let's have a closer look...

Well done to Bluebell and Erin for taking part in this week's challenge! :) Can you have a go at guessing what they took a picture of? Have a closer look...

French at home!

Bonjour! Here are four resources that you can use at home to keep learning French! :) Don't hesitate to get your parents or siblings involved! The first resource is a link to a home learning website that a teacher has started since the lock down. She has done some videos where she teaches key vocabularies and simple conversations in French. πŸ™‚ The second resource is a mix of different French recipes, and I can confirm that they are typically French as it is the sort of food that my mum makes! πŸ˜„ The third resource is the online reading of a very special book in France called 'The Little Prince'. Michael Morpurgo will be reading extracts from the book on social media! It is an absolutely wonderful story that has had an impact on many children in France (me including!). The last resource is a lovely French treasure hunt that you can go and do in a park, as it is based around Spring. It's very short and simple, and although it is all in French, it is only simple words with pictures that you can always use internet to translate if you need to! πŸ™‚ I hope these resources will be helpful! πŸ™‚ Have fun!

TopYa – 

School Games Championships Virtual Competition: The future looks ‘Virtual!’ Your School Games have teamed up with the online platform Top Ya! to develop a ‘free’ digital challenge competition for children (secondary and primary). There will be variety of skill-based challenges that the children watch in video format, they practice the skills then submit a video of their best performance. They will then receive personal feedback from a Top Ya! Coach. Points will be awarded for every video submitted which will be added to their ladder of success and earn prizes. 

To access these challenges which will be updated on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays:

· Download the Top Ya! app

· Join and register as a PLAYER

· Use the Invite Code 23880

· Complete the registration process by inputting all personal details

The app is then ready for use!

Writing task - What should I do if I met an alien?

I have been selected to fly to Mars on the next Space Shuttle! Even though this will be a great adventure, I am a little worried... There is a chance I might meet an alien there and as I have never met one before I won’t know what do! Can you help me by writing out some instructions on what to do if I met an alien? I have included an example of β€œHow to Keep Your Teacher Happy” to give you some ideas on how you could set it out. Email me a picture of your wonderful writing at :) I can't wait to read them all!

Let's have a closer look...

Can you guess what object Nikola took a picture of? Email me your answers at ! Don't hesitate to also email me your own cropped pictures! :D

Art is where the HOME is!

Here are some lovely Art activities to complete at home! Feel free to send us some lovely pictures of some arts and craft that you have created! :D

CHALLENGE - Let's get a closer look...

For this week's challenge, you will need to take a picture of an everyday's object. Once you have done so, crop a part of the picture so we can see it a little bit closer... Email me the original picture and the cropped picture at so I can share them on our school website. I will only share the cropped picture so that we can have a guess at what it might be! I will then reveal the answers next week using your original picture! To make this even clearer, have a look at the picture I have uploaded... What might it be? Email me your answers! Here is a clue... We use it very often in school!


Massive well done to MAX for getting to Rock Hero on Times Tables Rock Stars! You have been answering questions in less than 1 second!! Absolutely INCREDIBLE score! 
Other ideas of work at home...

If you are looking for physical activities to do at home, here are some wonderful youtube videos of short PE tasks to do at home! 

In science, here is a fantastic website which gives you ideas of different story books that can teach you about different scientific facts!

Finally, if you are wanting to discuss internet safety, or learning about fake news on the internet, or even think about doing some random act of kindness, here is a website that is worth the read!
Work ideas for week beginning 15.6.2020

Hi everyone! I hope you are all doing well at home and keeping up with some school work, while spending time with your family! :D This week, you can complete a revision in English and Maths using this learning pack. I have uploaded the pack with the answers as well to help you understand what you have done right or wrong, remember, we learn from our mistakes! You will also find a spelling task to complete, which consists of finding the spelling errors, as I know how much you love doing that!

What is happening at home?

If you are looking for excellent reasons to convince your parents to have a pet at home, look no further! Nikola has kindly shared her fantastic reasoning to why every home should have a pet, and I AGREE! She has also wrote about an exciting story that has happened to her, which is definitely worth reading as not only does it have wonderful vocabulary, but it also have an incredible twist... However, this is not all Nikola has been doing! She has also sent me some of her beautiful art work and also wrote a song about what she is grateful about during this lock down! Very well done to you Nikola, you should be very proud of yourself! :D

What is happening at home?

It is wonderful to see so many of Year 3 keeping up the hard work and being creative at the same time! - Olivia has improved her understanding of time and created this lovely seaside picture in the process! Good work! - Bluebell has shown her culinary skills through this wonderful cooking demonstration! It looks delicious! - Gracelyn and Max have created some superb and thoughtful pieces of Pentecost art! Well done! - Max has written a gripping and brilliantly illustrated story about his new robotic friend! Great writing!

Spelling Challenge!

Can you use these activities to improve your knowledge of these spellings? Once you have finished these, test yourself to see if they have helped.

Maths Revision

Try these activities from a range of areas in Maths. Can you explain how you solve each question and really show your understanding?


We are about to celebrate the Feast of Pentecost and the miracle that happened on that special day! Why not try one of these fantastic artistic ideas to celebrate this feast?


Why not share your art skills to enter in an exciting competition!? Take a closer look at the information to be shortlisted! :)

What is happening at home?

Here is a video to make you smile! Adam has kindly shared his culinary skills through a video of him making pancakes! As you can see, he deserved to celebrate like a true footballer! :D

Creative Writing Task!

We would like you to create your own story that has thrills and excitement! Here are some opening sentences to stories that have not been written yet. Can you choose one of these and complete your own story? Try to use brilliant descriptive language within this.

- One cold, dark night, I heard a knock on the door. It was too late to have a visitor! Who could it be? Slowly, I went to open it and discovered a parcel. As I went to pick it up, it began to move and…

- It was a warm, sunny day as I walked to the stadium. Nervously, I checked my bag again to make sure I hadn’t forgotten any of my kit. It was all there. Today was the final and I…

- I walked through the bright, breezy woods on Saturday morning. Happily, I watched the birds and animals scurry around the trees. Suddenly, I tripped! When I got up, I found that I had fallen over a sack with something inside it. When I opened it, I discovered it was a huge diamond and…

Chef in the making!

Well done to Max for taking part in a cooking competition recently! He created this delicious pizza which looks absolutely amazing! We hope you enjoyed eating it as much as you did making it! Great work!

Times Table Challenge

Here are some times table and division questions for you to try. How many can you complete in 3 minutes? What "Rock Status" can you achieve?

SPAG Activities

Here are some SPAG activities for you to try! Can you help Mr Whoops, Little Red Riding Hood and the Queen with these English language challenges?

What is happening at home?

Here are some lovely pieces of work we have received from children recently! - There are some lovely pieces of nature art from Bluebell and Max. - Max has also created a thoughtful piece of art on the Holy Spirit. - Jorja has written a wonderful poem about life in lockdown. Well done all of you!

What is happening at home?

Well done to Lucas for spending time at home to make a difference! He has adopted a snow leopard through WWE! Have a look at what he has received at home! :D

Cooking Challenge!
This week, let's get creative in the kitchen! Spend some time with your family to maybe bake a cake or cook a lovely dinner, but don't forget to take a picture to send to us before eating it! You might want to bake or cook a special recipe, or you might want to go online to find some lovely recipes! Here are some links to get you inspired! & 

Please feel free to continue emailing us pictures of previous challenges! :D
What is happening at home?

Well done to Adam and Erin for not only completing a writing task, but also taking time to be teachers and edit their work! I am so impressed with both of you! :D Adam has also been busy doing soooo much work, to the point that he is struggling to hold all of it together! However, he has taken time to complete the collage challenge and made such a beautiful art project! You should be proud of yourself!

Work ideas for week beginning 18.5.2020

I hope that you are all doing well! Here are some work ideas for this week! :) Very well done to Emma and Nikola for reaching Rock Legend on TT Rock Stars! Let's see who would be the first the get to Rock Hero! If you want to make it even more interesting, check out what you can do to take part in the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS for TT Rock Stars! In Science, have a look at this wonderful website about doing Science at home!

Art Challenge!

As many of you are spending a little bit of time outside, in your garden or the park, I thought we could use nature to do a lovely Art challenge! Why not use leaves or flowers to create a collage of animals or even maybe of a family portrait? Once your piece of art has been created, please send us pictures of it so we can share it with everyone! :) Have fun!

Free Online Books!

Oxford Reading Tree are offering free online books from the scheme we follow in school. You need to register to get free access to eBooks, as well as short comprehension tasks to consolidate your learning! πŸ™‚
The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is a gift given to all of us. It helps guide and give us strength every day. This guidance and strength helps us to do the right thing. Can you draw or paint a picture of a time you have helped another person? Draw this inside the flame provided.

What is happening at home?

I just wanted to say well done to these children for some fantastic work at home! Well done to: - Olivia for her fantastic Star Wars light saber! May the 4th be with you! - Stanley for his erupting volcano! Great work! - Stanley (again) for his lovely posters made to celebrate VE day! - Maria for her brilliant poster celebrating Earth day! Well done! - Bluebell for her wonderful button Eiffel Tower! Great thinking! Keep up the great work everyone! We're so proud of you!

Work ideas for week beginning 11.5.2020

Here are some English, Maths and Reading work ideas for this week! :) Congratulations to Nikola for jumping from New Artist to Rock Star! I have no doubt you will soon become a Rock Legend!! Well done and keep up the amazing work!! :D

What is happening at home?

Well done to Oliver for being incredibly creative as he used PASTA to complete the Eiffel Tower project! :D Thank you for sharing these lovely pictures with me Oliver!

Earth Day

Well done to Erin for taking the time to write a lovely acrostic poem for Earth Day! Thanks again for sharing it with me! :)

Thank you so much for sharing your Eiffel Tower projects with us this week! If you have any photos of what you have created at home, please continue to share them with us! 

As this week is starting on May the Fourth (Yes, it is a homophone!), it can only be right to do a Star Wars project for the week! Here are some links to different craft ideas related to Star Wars!
Why not paint Chewbacca using your hand? Or even recreate the Death Star with sponges? Feel free to get other inspirations from different websites! Just don't forget to send us pictures of what you have come up with!
Science & VE day - WB 04-05-20

Here is some fun science experiments to try at home, as well as a home learning pack for VE day! :)

Writing Challenge - WB 04-05-20

Let's practise doing a bit of writing this week using some very exciting videos! Here is a link to a wonderful website which will give you ideas on what to write about! Select one video (or two, if you want to write more than once) and get inspired to write by the questions from the video! Enjoy! :)
What is happening at home?

Well done to Adam for his Eiffel Tower project! It looks absolutely amazing! :D

What is happening at home?

Natalia has been very busy with gardening at home! Not only has she planted different plants, she has also painted plant pots! Natalia has also been 'camping' with her brother, but not too far from home... They went in their garden! Thank you again for sharing these lovely pictures Natalia! :)

RE - Life to the full!

John 10: 10

The Lord said: “I have come so that you may have life and have it to the full.”

God wants us to have happy lives and to live every day to the full! At the moment, we are all facing challenging times and this may be difficult for us. It is important for us to share happiness and love with others so that we can brighten their lives. Can you show how you are living life to the full?

Be creative! This can be through a piece of artwork, a poem, a poster, a lego scene, a song you have written or anything you can think of! I look forward to seeing your ideas!

What is happening at home?

Here are some fantastic Eiffel Towers from Aleks, Olivia, Max and Maddison! It is wonderful to see such creativity in each of your attempts! Well done!

English Challenges - WB 04-05-20

Here are some English challenges all about the season of Spring. Can you read the information carefully and also write down your fantastic ideas?

Maths Challenges - WB 04-05-20

Here are some Maths challenges to work through. Can you use the skills you have learnt this year and the information provided to answer these questions?

Geography - Map Reading

Maps are extremely useful tools when finding our way around the world in which we live. Can you work through these activities to improve your map reading skills? Hint: Remember to use the grids and labels to help you solve tasks.

What is happening at home?

Erin has surprised me this morning by sending me a PowerPoint presentation about FRANCE! It has put such a huge smile on my face, so I thought I would share a few screenshots of this wonderful work with you! Merci beaucoup Erin!!

Earth Day

Here is a beautiful collage that Nikola has made for Earth day, with a lovely acrostic poem! Well done Nikola! :)

What is happening at home?

Nikola has kindly sent me some pictures of what she has been up to at home! Not only has she been doing a lot of the work from the website, but she has also been very busy over Easter! Have a look at the little eggs that she painted meticulously! She has also made such a beautiful Easter basket! However, that's not all! She has been a real chef making Polish dumplings as well, and is taking time to go walk her lovely dogs, Lali and Lucky! Thank you again for sharing these pictures with me! It's always a pleasure to see what everyone has been up to at home! :)

FRENCH CHALLENGE! - Week commencing 27.4.2020

This week, why not try practising the colours in French using this youtube video? It's a great little song, even your siblings and parents could join in! I also thought it would be a lovely challenge to use some of the materials you might have at home to create... an Eiffel Tower! Why not use some pasta, or even spoons to recreate the shape of the famous French tower!? Or you might even want to challenge yourself even more and get the tower standing using legos or even... toilet rolls?! Here are some pictures of what it could look like! When you have finished your piece of art, take a picture of it and email it to me! I would be so excited to admire your work and share it with the rest of the class! :) Bon courage! x

Work ideas for week commencing 27.4.2020

Hi Year 3! Here are some Maths and English work to complete this week if you can! :) Keep going on TT Rock Stars as often as possible! It's wonderful to see progress made on the website! Well done to Emma for reaching Rock Legend, you have been answering the questions under 2 seconds! A real rock star! In Science, why not try some experiments using eggs? Email me your findings! I would be very excited to read it through and share it with others on this website! :) Have also a close look to this day newsletter: A FREE, daily newsletter for parents and guardians at home with children, helping to enrich learning with real-life knowledge and skills. Published at 7:00am, Mondays to Fridays, it aims to support academic learning with real-world skills in several ways. - They give you a brief guide to the important news of the day, taking care to sort the wheat from the chaff β€” and to include some encouraging developments. - They pick one live topic per day for you to debate with children, offering some context, suggested angles, and activities to go with it. - They select links to the best of the highest quality journalism available in the world so that, if you’re interested in current affairs, you will always have something to enrich your day. - They scour thousands of resources for one activity per day that we can unreservedly recommend for each of the five Key Stages. They look for ways to supplement the curriculum in ways that children between the ages of six and 19 will thoroughly enjoy. Sign up by following this link Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions or if you would like to share the work that your child has been doing! :)

Earth Day 22nd April 2020

As we are celebrating Earth Day 2020, we thought it would be a great idea to take time to think about and appreciate our amazing planet! We can do this in many ways. Why not try one of these activities below to show our love for the Earth? - Write an acrostic poem celebrating our Earth. - Think of ways we can re-use plastic containers from our daily lives (e.g. bottles, boxes and wrapping). You could even create a poster showing these ideas! - Help your grown-ups with the gardening and learn about the amazing plant life on your doorstep! - Research any mountains, rivers, forests or even deserts that you are interested in. What amazing facts can you discover? - Create any artwork celebrating the Earth. This can be paintings or drawings of creatures, plants or any part of nature! You can even use fallen leaves, grass, sticks or stones from the ground to make your own pieces of art! You can choose any of these activities to try! It would be wonderful to see pictures of your ideas, efforts and creations so that we can all celebrate our wonderful Earth!

Maths Skills

These are Maths Skills sheets for children to complete for Week 5 and 6:

Maths Problems

These are Maths Problems tasks for children to complete for Week 5 and 6:

SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) Activities

These are SPAG sheets for children to complete for Week 5 and 6:

Maths Arithmetic Tests

These are Maths Arithmetic sheets (for Week 5 and 6) for children to complete each week (answers are provided):

Dear Year 3,

As Easter is coming up, I thought it would be a wonderful time to do a little bit of arts and craft! I have copied a few links to some lovely ideas based on Easter, but you are more than welcome to create your own. I thought it would be a wonderful idea to email me pictures of what you have created so I can share it on the website for others to see! You might even want to have a guess on who made what! :)

Enjoy your Easter break and spend time with your family at home! 
Take care! xx
Writing - Diary Entry!

For our second week at home, I thought it would be a wonderful idea to write down a diary entry about what we have been up to! You can either write me down what you did throughout a whole day, or maybe what you did throughout a whole week! Just don't forget to write down the date on which each event happened!

To help you understand what you must include, here is my diary entry! To make it interesting, try to spot my 13 grammar and spelling errors! Some are obvious, some aren't...

Friday 27th March

Deer diary,

i was woken up this morning by my dogz barking like mad wolves! The cat jumped in front of them, which made them think they was under attack! Silly dogs...
After a bit of stretching to leeft up my mood, I grabbed the dog's lead and took them for a walk. It was lovely to get a bit off fresh air before coming back to make myself breakfast. The smell of warm bacon and egg didn't help me from having both dogs starring at me like I was holding the most amazing dish in my hands... "Go away!" I told them, but they continued to carefully watch me it, while hoping for a piece of bacon to fell onto the floor.
As the sun was coming out, I grabbed my Harry Potter book (of course) and sat in the garden with a lovely cup of tee. Even though the air were still chilly, the warm sunshine was keeping me cosy.

For my afternoon, I wanted to be a little bit creative! As I had flowers in my cupboard, eggs and milk in my fridge, I thought it would be a yummy idea to bake a cake! I always have a bit of chocolate lying around in the house, and suprisingly I also found some walluts! (I know, that doesn't sound like me!) I found a fairly easy brownies recipe online and got busy in the kitchen. After 4 hours (yes, you reed that right...) of incredibly messy baking, I had finally (sort of) achieved it! From the corner of my eyes, celebrating this triumph with me, my dogs... Drooling on the floor while staring at the cake...

After deciding that baking wasn't for me, as I had used salt instead of sugar (absolutely revolting!), I grabbed my book again, and went back into the garden with a apple!

Now it's your turn to tell me about what you have been up to at home! I hope you are better at baking than I am! :) 
RE: Putting others first!
 As we come closer to Easter it is important for us to remember the sacrifice Jesus made for us all. 'Sacrifice' means someone giving something up to help another person. Jesus gave up His life so that we can have true happiness and live with Him forever.
 We can learn from Jesus by making small sacrifices in our every day lives. Every day we can see people putting others first by making sacrifices (some small and some great).
 Can you think of any people who you know (or have heard of) that are making sacrifices to help others? Can you create a poster, a picture, a painting, a poem (or anything you want) to celebrate that wonderful person?
Geography at home!

Here is a link to a wonderful Geography website for you to do some research with at home! :) You might want to look at more details about the Rainforest or maybe learn about some map skills.
Don't hesitate to email me what you have learnt! :)
Science: Forces

Can you try these mini Science experiments and explain what you find? The answers will be revealed next week!

RE: What is Easter?

Here are some activities to help you in your preparation for Easter. Can you use this information to learn more about Holy Week and its importance to Christians all over the world? Can you complete some of these activities provided?

Writing task Week 1

Here is a picture of a Victorian teacher in the classroom, holding a dunce hat. Write me down a short story to explain what is going to happen in this picture. You must include: - Speech marks (For example: The teacher stood up, shouting, "How dare you answer back to me?!"). - Coordinating conjunctions (and; but; or; nor; then; yet). - Exciting adjectives to describe the classroom, as well as how the characters are feeling (For example: The terrified girl was sat behind the confident pupil-teacher.)

PE at home!

Every morning, from 9am to 9:30am, Joe Wicks, also known as the Body Coach, does a 30 minutes workout for children. You just need to subscribe to his youtube channel to get an alert when the workout starts! However, if you want to exercise at a different time of the day, you can catch up on these workouts through his youtube channel.
I personally use the Body Coach at home, as he is very enthusiastic and it is always a fun activity to fit in your day! Don't hesitate to join in with your children! :)

Here is a link to his youtube channel:
French Recipes

Here are some French recipes for you to try at home! :)

Art Activities

Some paintings ideas to try at home! You'll have to get your hands and feet a little bit dirty... :)

Science at home!

Here is a link to a youtube video to try some experiments at home with water! Always do them with an adult! Enjoy! :)
Work for Year 3 children during the suspended break from school!
 In Year 3, we will be providing work for the children to attempt each week so that they can build on existing learning and continue to challenge themselves whilst at home. We hope that this is useful to families during this time. 
 We will be providing the children with (on the Year 3 page):
- Maths skills sheets where the children can work on methods they have learnt throughout the year.
- Maths Arithmetic tests where they can continue to challenge a range of mathematical skills.
- "Maths Problems" sheets aimed at progessing the children's reasoning skills.
- SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) sheets to help children in the understanding of their writing.
- Reading comprehension sheets to help them look more deeply at a range of fiction and non-fiction texts.
- A range of other tasks for the children to attempt during this suspended break.

We hope that this will be of use to you and your family during this time. Please do not hesitate to contact us on our personal emails.

Many thanks,

Miss Varlet and Mr Longfellow
SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) Activities

These are SPAG sheets for children to complete each week:

Maths Arithmetic Tests

These are Maths Arithmetic sheets for children to complete each week (answers are provided):

Maths Problems

These are Maths Problems tasks for children to complete each week:

Testing forces in Science with a parachute - 3AV

On Thursday 12th March, we decided to test forces in Science by building a parachute for a playmobile. The children did a great job at using different materials to test its strength against the wind. We first tested them in the classroom, and ended up taking the fun outside!

Armley Mills 3AV

On Wednesday 11th March, Year 3AV were very lucky to visit Armley Mills and take part in an exciting classroom workshop! The day started with lining up boys and girls separately to go into a real Victorian classroom, but don't forget your coin or you would get in trouble! Just like the three children that arrived late... During a reading lesson, children had a text to read in unison and could then read it on their own to the whole class! It was very challenging for children to not put their hand up to ask questions, as they always needed to stand up if they wanted to say something! In maths, children chanted the 3 times tables and used the slates to complete several additions and subtractions! While children were incredibly quiet when doing so, we could hear the sound of the chalk onto their board... Next, children had the opportunity to take part in a Victorian PE lesson! They had to copy several movements in a synchronized manner, which is something we must continue working on... For our last lesson, children were extremely excited to use ink and pen to practise their handwriting! They did a fantastic job! They were also able to have a look at some of the punishments they would have to go through if they were in a school during the Victorian era, they understood how lucky they are now! Throughout the afternoon, children were very lucky to go through the museum and learn a little bit more about the mill. They even watched a short movie in the cinema! We had the chance to also step into a cottage, and have a closer look at a washing machine/bath, an iron, a drier, an oven, a hot water bottle... Children were very surprised to see how different it all looked! They also had the opportunity to have a close look at some toys children from their age would have been playing with! Finally, we had the chance to have a close look at the different pieces of machinery from the mill in action! We can now confirm that it is indeed very loud! Overall, children were incredibly well behaved throughout the whole day and asked some wonderful questions! It was a real pleasure to take them to Armley Mills!

Maths measurement 3AV

On Monday 9th March, we decided to measure outside as part of our maths lesson! We looked at tracing lines of a certain length multiple times! We then used our multiplying skills to find out how long our lines were! For example, when drawing 4 lines of 30cm, we ended up with a 120cm line or 1m and 20cm! Children did a great job!

Tropical World 3SL
Synagogue 3SL
Poetry 3SL

Performance Poetry – The Jungle Whilst looking at the rainforests of the world, Year 3 have also performed poetry and created their own poems on this topic. We have concentrated on the wildlife within rainforests and tried to bring these to life in our classrooms!

Maths 3SL

Maths – Measurement In Maths, we have been working to improve our understanding of metric measure. As part of this topic, we have used various pieces of equipment to measure our school and solve Maths problems on length and perimeter.

Geography 3SL

Geography – Mapping out the Rainforests In Geography, we have researched the rainforests of the World. Using this knowledge and our artistic talents, we have created our own guide to the tropical rainforests of our planet!

Activities for 3SL

In Year 3, as part of our Mental Health and Well Being week, we discussed how we can address our feelings and emotions. We looked at what happens when we feel angry or upset, and what might help to calm down and make the right choice.

Tropical World 3AV

In Year 3, we had the chance to go and visit Tropical World as part of our Rainforest topic! Children enjoyed seeing different animals and insects and were very keen in learning about their habitat! This trip helped us create wonderful leaflets to encourage other schools to visit Tropical World!

Synagogue Visit 3AV

In Year 3, we had the chance to go and visit Sinai Synagogue as part of our Judaism topic in RE! Children were able to have a close look at a scroll and discussed the different symbols around the synagogue. Children were very eager to learn more about Judaism and asked some fantastic questions! We even left with a miniature scroll which children created on their own!

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