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Welcome to the wonderful world of the Wonderful Ones!
We are full of fun, laughter, enthusiam and love.
There are 33 of us including Mrs Morland, Miss Corrigan, Mrs Harrison and Miss Austin. 

Are you a Covid Superhero?

We all need to follow the rules to keep ourselves safe and those around us. But what are the rules? Read these posters carefully and be a Covid Superhero! Don't forget to remind other people in your family about what they should and should not be doing....

This is our timetable of when we are online doing live Zoom lessons. The log in details are the same for every session and have been emailed out. The Talk Boost Group is only for certain children and they know who they are. The log in details for Mr Longfellow's Collective Worship and Mr Strong's Assembly will be given out  weekly. 
I am devastated that we can't be together at school but I know we will have just as much fun learning from home! We will learn together over Zoom, your grown ups will have all the details of these sessions and we will also be listening to each one of you read.
There will be challenges posted here each day that go with our Zoom sessions for you to try at home. Mrs Morland would love to see what wonderful work you have done!
Don't forget to find some time to go on Numbots and Spelling Shed each day(the passwords for these are inside your reading journal). Also play some phonics games on our favourite website
We will see each other very soon. Take care and stay safe, love from Mrs Morland, Miss Corrigan and Miss Austin xxx

Learning at Home Week 3 18.01.21

From today you will be able to change your reading book between 8.45 and 9am at our usual entrance. Miss Corrigan will have two boxes: one for returned books and the other with your new books in. You will be reading one of your new books with her during your reading session with her this week.

At 2.45 today Mr Longfellow will be leading us in our Collective Worship. The Zoom details are:
 931 178 8045 and the password: School. See you then.
  • In the session we introduced the oi sound. Can you work out what each of the pictures are using the oi sound to help you?
  • We continued reading Dogger on from the fair but stopped at the picture of Dave and his sister Bella winning a toy.
  • Can you think about how Dave might be feeling in this picture? Use what you have learnt from the story so far to help you. Why might Dave be feeling this way? Now think about Bella, how is she feeling in this picture? 
  • ​​​​​Can you make the addition sums easier by using the tens frame to help you make 10?
  • EXAMPLE: If the sum was 7 + 5 = get the children to draw 7 circles in one colour in the tens frame and 5 circles in another colour into the tens frame. Then get them to see that one tens frame is full so that makes 10 and the other has 2 in. That would make the new sum 10 + 2 =. I have placed a PowerPoint to show the sum before and then how to make 10 to help you understand the process. 
  • Now use the tens frame and 2 different colours to help you draw the circles for each number to work out the answer. 
  • Follow this link to warm up your body before we start:
  • Think about different ways of moving your body around either your garden or your house. Can you hop on one foot? Can you hop on the other foot? Can you hop from one foot to the other? Can you jump with two feet? Can you side step around the house or garden changing direction. 
  • Watch this video of a Dad and his son, can you create an obstacle course for you to use the different movements to move around it, jumping over toys, side stepping past the window, hopping around tea towels...
  • Now follow this link: . Then watch Lesson 2 - Footwork patterns.
  • Today we practiced the oi sound by reading real and nonsense words. Can you follow this link: and practice a few times, can you get 10/10?
  • We continued the story of Dogger and we found out that Dave found DOGGER! Yayyy! 
  • But then when it came to buying Dogger from the toy stall, Dave had no money so he had to go and get some. By the time he comes back Dogger has gone missing AGAIN!
  • Where has he gone? Think about what has happened in the story so far. Where might he have gone? What might have happened to him?  Write some sentences on the worksheet below to tell me your predication. What do you think has happened to Dogger?
  • Today we are finishing off our addition by solving addition problems. 
  • Read the addition problems below and pick out the 2 numbers you read,write them into an addition sum and then try and work out the answer. 
  • Use the tens frame worksheet to help you if you need it, or draw your own. You can even use a number line to help you if you would like to, you all should have number lines in the front of your books.
  • Last week we looked at old toys and new toys. You looked toys that your Grandparents, Mums, Dads played with when they were little. 
  • Now I would like you to look at the worksheet below of a picture of a two toys, I want you to tell me what you think is similar and what you think is different. It might be the colour, it might be the object or it might be the materials it is made out of. What can you see that is the same? What can you see that is different?
  • Play the roll and read game in the documents section. Roll a dice, whatever number you land on, choose a 'oi' word from that row to read. If you don't have a dice, don't worry just write the numbers 1-6 on pieces of paper. How quickly can you cover all the spaces? Why not play against an adult at home, the first person to get a line filled in wins! Good luck!
  • Today we finished the story of Dogger. We found out that Dave and Dogger were finally reunited! Making it a happy ending overall!
  • I would like you to think about the whole story right from the very beginning to the end. I would like you to have a go at doing some character description, thinking about adjectives to describe what they look like but also describe how they are feeling. 
  • For each of the characters, on the outside describe what they look like, and on the inside write how the characters feels.
  • Think about the characters feelings throughout the whole story. Do they have different feelings? Does their feelings change in the story? Why? 
  • Here are some examples: "Bella is happy at bedtime because..." "Dogger is really sad when..." "Dave is fed up at the school fair because..."
  • Today we have moved onto subtraction using First, Then, Now.
  • Pick a number between 6 and 10. Draw that amount of circles into the FIRST box. Draw the same amount of circles into the THEN box. Now either roll a dice or if you don't have a dice at home, pick a number between 1-6. With this number cross out that many circles in the THEN box. How many circles have you got left? This creates the answer, which you draw into the NOW box. 
  • Here is an example to help you:
  • 6 - 3 = 3
  • If you think that you can try harder numbers. Try a pick a number between 6 and 20. Draw it in the FIRST box. Then roll your dice again and cross that amount out in the THEN and then draw the answer into the NOW box.
  • Mrs Harrison was amazed by all the different materials that we found! Now she wants to know how we can sort them. 
  • Find some objects around your house or garden that are made of metal, plastic, fabric, glass, paper and look carefully at them. Can you sort them into the different materials? Are there any that need to go in two groups because they are made of more than one material? Ask a grown up to take a photo of your sorted groups so that we can show Mrs Harrison. 
  • Can you find another way to sort your objects?
  • Log onto Spelling Shed (remember your new log in details are in the front of your reading journal) and play the assignment I have set for you all about "oi".
  • We have read the whole story of Dogger, we went back through it today. 
  • Now I would like you to use the worksheet below to create a story map to help you remember key parts of the story. 
  • Draw pictures and write key words and sentences to remind you what happens at the beginning, middle and end of the story. 
  • Use the Powerpoint below of the story to help you if you need it. 
  • Don't forget to think about everything we have learnt, so don't forget to describe Dogger, and characters and also think about how character's feel throughout each part of the story. 
  • We have moved onto subtraction. 
  • Today we were looking at our tens frame which we used last week to help us learn the process of addition, and now we are going to use them to help us work out a subtraction sum.
  • Choose a number between 1-10 at first, and draw that amount of circles into the tens frame. Then roll a dice or choose a number between 1-6 and cross out that amount of circles. How many cirlces have you got left? How many are not crossed out? Use that to write the subtraction sum, here is an example:
  • 13 - 5 = 8
  • Once you have done numbers to 10, try picking a number between 1-15 and then 1-20 and following the same process. Draw that amount of circles. Roll a dice. Cross out that amount and then work out the answer and write the subtraction sum.
  • If you feel like you would like an extra little challenge, have a look at the worksheet below named "Thursday challenge". See if you can work out the answers, or fill in the missing sections
  • We know that we belong to our family but we also belong to our school family. Who is in our school family? Draw who you think that would be and write their names. Think about the adults in our school not just the children. Now describe why each member of our school family is important. 
So Much Snow! 14.01.21

We were so fascinated to see how much snow was falling today and we had lots of discussions in or class Zoom about what the weather was like. After watching our favourite weather forecaster, Paul the Weatherman, we decided to make our own weather reports....

Snow Fun! 14.01.21

We were amazed at all the snow that was falling today! Mrs Morland set us a DT challenge to create a friend for Philip our class penguin. Can you see how we have shaped and moulded the snow?

This week's Spelling Shed Super Scorer this week is.......Oskar with a total score of  3, 839, 600! Super spelling Oskar!

Our congratulations this week, on Friday 15th January, go to....
  • Amelia and Gabriel who have achieved Brass.
  • Benas who has achieved Copper.
Keep working hard everyone!

Learning at Home week 2 11.01.21
  • Read the story in the documents section carefully, can you find the /oa/ words that we read together this morning? Put a circle around the ones you have found. Now choose four of these words and write them in a sentence.
  • In our Zoom session this morning, we started a new story called Dogger. Dogger is Dave's favourite toy. What is your favourite toy?
  • Draw a picture of your favourite toy in your English book, around the toy label it with adjectives that describe what it looks like. 
  • Use those adjectives to then write a few sentences on the lines below; here is an example of Miss Austin favourite toy: 
  • In our Zoom session this afternoon we played a quick counting game. Once you have completed todays' maths challenges, if you want to play it again, here is the link:
  • Here are some number sentences for you to try and answer using a tens frame and counters like we did together:      6+4=            2+6=            5+3=              1+9=                    8+2=
  • Cut out a tens frame and stick into your books or draw your own. Then cut out the counters or draw counters for each number here is an example for 7+3=: . Don't forget to write the answers as well!
  • Our prime minister Boris Johnson wants us all to be Covid superheroes and help keep ourselves and those around us safe. There are rules that we need to follow but what are they? Follow this link to watch a video with a grown up to remind yourself: Now tell people what they should do to be a Covid Superhero like you. You could make a poster with pictures and sentences or a video. Send these to Mrs Morland who will post them on our school website to help everyone follow the rules. 
  • Play the roll and read game in the documents section. Roll a dice, whatever number you land on, choose a a word from that row to read. If you don't have a dice, don't worry just write the numbers 1-6 on pieces of paper. How quickly can you cover all the spaces? Why not play against an adult at home, the first person to get a line filled in wins! Good luck!
  • Today we found lots of adjectives(describing words) in the first part of Dogger.
  • Can you use some of those adjectives we found to write your own sentences to describe an object/animal/person. The adjectives are in the documents section.  Write the sentences in your English books.  
  • Make sure to remember your capital letters and fingers spaces in your sentences. You could even underline the adjective in your sentence to show how you have used it, example: The fish has green sparkly eyes that are round.
  • Pick a number between 1-10, write that number underneath the first box and draw that many circles in the box. Now pick another number between 1-10 and write that number under the second box and draw that many circles. Now using the first number and second number can you work out how many altogether? Draw that in the third box and write the number underneath.
  • Now can you make that a number sentence with + and =
  • Here is an example:
  • Our new topic in History this half term is all about TOYS.
  • Look through the PowerPoint slide below to find out more about old and new toys and how they are made. Can you ask your parents what they used to play with when they were little or you can even facetime your grandparents or any other relatives in your family to ask them what type of toys they had. 
  • Now draw some of these toys on a piece of paper and write what it is called next to it. What else can you say about each toy?
  • Our new science topic for this half term is all about materials. materials are what something is made out of like plastic, wood, glass and metal. Follow this link to find out more about different types of materials: What materials are different objects made from? - KS1 Science - BBC Bitesize.
  • Mrs Harrison would like to know which materials you can see around you. Draw different objects inside your house or in your garden in as much detail as you can in your whiteboard book, can you name the material that it is made from? In the documents section, there is a word mat that will help you. Can you write a sentence for some objects describing what they look and feel like?
  • Today we started to read the Dogger story. We found that Dave does everything with Dogger and the story told us lots of different activities that they do together.
  • On Monday you told me about your favourite toy, can you now tell me about what you and your favourite toy do together? Draw a picture in your English book and write sentences to tell me all about your activities. Remember your sentences need capital letters, fingers spaces and full stops. 
  • Could you even write a sentence using the word and? 
  • Today we looked at number bonds to 10 and 20. A number bond is two numbers that add together to make a number, they can be written either way and still make the same answer, for example: 6 + 4 = 10       4 + 6 = 10
  • Have a go at the worksheet below working out the missing number bond for both 10 and 20.
  • Once you have done that write the number bond into a number sentence using + and =.
  • When you have finished that, there is an extra challenge! In the documents section there a some number bond problems to work out.  
  • Log onto Spelling Shed(remember your new log in details are in the front of your reading journal) and play the assignment I have set for you all about /oa/.
  • Today we found out that Dogger is LOST! OH NO! 
  • Can we help Dave find Dogger?  Use the Lost Poster template below to create your Lost Poster just like we did together on Zoom. There are also some phonic sound mats to help with your sounding out of words, there is a common exception word mat to help with words like; the, to, he she... Also there is a word mat for characters names from the story. 
  • Can you try and write a sentence using and? Can you try and write a sentence using because?
  • Remember you need capital letters, finger spaces and full stops in your sentences. 
  • After you have written your poster,  draw a picture of Dogger so people know what to look out for. LET'S HELP DAVE FIND DOGGER!
  • Today we looked at Number Bonds to 10 and 20. Use the tens frame and your coloured pencils at home to help you work out the answer to the problems given in the worksheet below. 
  • It will ask you: I have ____ red counters and ____ blue counters. How many counters altogether. Work it out drawing red counters into the tens frame and then the blue counters into the tens frame to see the answer. 
  • Once you have found the answer, write it into a number sentence like this: ___ + ___ = ___
  • Here is an example:
  • Our new topic for this half term is called 'Families and Celebrations'. All our families are special and unique but who is in your family?
  • Draw each member of your family in the heart in the documents section and don't forget to write their names so I know who they are!
  • Cut out the heart and on the back tell me what sorts of things you do together and why they are special.
  • Philip our class penguin that we are caring for is feeling a little lonely. Can you use the snow that has fallen at your house to make a snow penguin friend?
  • Oh no Dogger is still lost! Mum has taken Dave to the School Fair to see if that will cheer him up! What do you think will happen next in the story?
  • Can you write some sentences to tell me what you think will happen next?  Will Dave find Dogger? Where will he find him? Or will he still be lost? What do you think?
  • Remember your sentences need capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.
  • I have put a PowerPoint of the story below incase you need it to read it again or find some spellings. 
  • Today we did a bit of a mixture of Thursday and Friday's learning.
  • If you didn't manage to have a go at yesterday's maths have a look at yesterday activity and see if you can complete it. 
  • Now use all your knowledge of number bonds to 10 and 20, to see if you can work out the missing number by counting on the number line to work it out. 
  • There is an interactive number line to use if you would like to:
  • If you have completed that see if you can write all your number bonds to 10 and 20 down. Ask an adult to time you and you can see how many you can write in a minute.
  • Look out of your window, what is the weather like where you are? Can you describe what it is like? Now watch Paul the Weatherman describing the weather for where we live: Yorkshire weather forecast - BBC Weather. Can you make your own weather forecast for Middleton? Use the word mats in the documents section to help you and practice your sentences out loud. Ask a grown to record your weather forecast as a video. 
This is one of our favourite phoincs websites and it has lots of fun games that we like to play. It is free for you to use while we are learning at home and new games have been added. Follow this link:, type in jan21 as the username and home as the password to find out more. Have fun!
What's in the Box? 07.01.21

Today we had a special delivery came to school! A box had been delivered to our class but as we looked closer we found it was a very strange parcel indeed. It said this way up on it do it must be something delicate. We also noticed some little holes that we think might have been made by a sharp beak. When Mrs Morland held the box up we could hear scratching sounds! We decided that they might be webbed feet making that noise. We think it might be a penguin in our box! We used lots of materials to describe what we think it might look like.

Learning Online 05.01.21

Here are all all the resources you need to complete this week's English and Maths challenges. There is also a special RE challenge to celebrate Epiphany tomorrow. We will talk about all these challenges in our daily Zoom sessions, see you all soon!

What do you know about that first Christmas?

We have worked so so so so hard to perform our own Christmas play all about Mary. We learnt lines to say, songs to sing and scenes to help us retell the story. We think we did an AMAZING job and we are all very proud of ourselves. Watch and listen carefully to our performance to find out more. We hope you enjoy it and it brings you some Christmas cheer too! Merry Christmas from the Wonderful Ones xxx

Christmas is Coming!

We know that Advent is such a special time and we have been doing lots this week to prepare for Christmas! We have written Advent promises to make our very own Advent Tree. Every day during Collective Worship, we turn over the right number and think about how we can keep that promise. As well as lighting the candles on our Advent Wreath when we say our prayers, we made our own Advent Wreaths to help us to remember what each part of it means. Finally, we made our own Christmas decorations to go on our class tree. It was very messy but lost of fun! On the last day before the holidays, we had our Christmas party. We played games outside and shared some food together. During the party, a special visitor came to see us, can you guess who?

Our congratulations this week, on Friday 4th December, go to....
  • Lena who has achieved Tin.
  • Dahlia and Gabriel who have achieved Brass.
  • Benas and Emma who have achieved Copper.
  • Leanne and Jonathan who have achieved Chrome.

Keep up the hard work everyone!
Lost and Found

We have really enjoyed reading Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers and recreated our favourite parts of the story. We used our models to retell what happened and used different voices for the boy and the penguin. It was lots of fun!

Learning at Home 30.11.20
This is our last week of self isolation before we are all back together again properly. Here are this week's challenges for you to try at home....
  • We all need a new reading book now. You can read books that you have at home or go to and choose a new book from the eLibrary that is the same colour band. Can you a read a book about animals?
  • Reading tricky words quickly helps us so much. Go to the documents section and choose a tricky word snakes and ladders game to try. this week. Look at your last spelling list to find the board that you need.
  • We are getting great scores on Numbots! Which levels can you complete today?
  • Use the tens frames on your tablet( or objects to make all the teen numbers. Now draw what you have made. How many tens and units have you got?
  • We have been reading the story Lost and Found. In today's zoom session we got up to the part where the penguin and the boy were just about to go on a journey, and they had a suitcase. BUT we didn't see what the boy had packed in his suitcase. If you were the boy what would you pack in your suitcase?
  • Use the worksheet below or draw your own suitcase, and tell me what you would pack in the suitcase for the boy and the penguin. You could even use your own suitcase just like I did and pack items in it and take a picture. Don't forget to write some super sentences to tell me what you have packed!
  • Today I would like you to take a look at the story, "The Day I met a Monster" and think about how I might be feeling in different sections of the story. Read the PowerPoint in the documents section and you will see that I have started to have a think myself. 
  • Then there is a worksheet for you to have a go at one for me! Use the photo of the story to tell me how you think I am feeling. Write me some super sentences to tell me why you think I am feeling that way.There is an emotion word mat to help you. 
Today on Zoom we were helping Mr Wonka sort out his chocolate and his sweets. Remember the chocolate is always 10 and the sweets are 1's. Use the worksheet below to help Mr Wonka. Read the teen number and make that number from 10's and 1's drawing the chocolate bar and the sweets. 
  • Why not challenge yourself even more with this extension: This time Mr Wonka has given you some to do yourself and some he has done the 10's and the 1's but he has forgotten to write the number. Can you work out what number it is?
  • Follow this link to watch the next part of the story: Ask your grown up to stop the story at 2.49, no cheating! Now draw what happened on their journey in as much detail as you can. Then use the word mat in the document section to label each picture with an emotion. Finally write some sentences to describe what is happening.
  • We know who Guy Fawkes was and what he and his friends wanted to do. Follow this link to find out what happened next: and then talk about what you have seen with an adult. 
  • Then put the pictures in the documents section in the right order. Can you use them to tell someone else what happened?
Today on Zoom Mr Wonka was back to visit us again, but this time he had been so busy overnight in his chocolate factory that he had made the 10's and 1's from the chocolate and sweets but had forgotten to write the amount at the top. Can you help him? Using the worksheet below and have a look at the 10's and 1's, can you figure out what number it represents?
  • Why not challenge yourself even more with this extension: This time Mr Wonka has given you some to do yourself. See if you can write random numbers and draw the 10's and 1's to match. You can even get your adult to test you. 
  • Follow this link and watch the story all the way to the end: Then talk with an adult about what happened. Can you recreate your  favourite part of the story using resources at home? A 3D model would be great! Now use your model to retell what happened and think about what the boy and the penguin might say.
  • We think we know what penguins are like, they're just black and white right? Mrs Harrison wants to know if all penguins look the same as she is sure that there must be different types of penguin. Use the internet or books to find out and then make a penguin. You could build it out of tubes and boxes, out of Lego or draw it. Can you label the parts of your penguin? What else do you know about it?
  • Follow this link: to play a fun maths game all about finding one more or one less of a given number. Click on the link and you will see a helicopter game, press play game and then click 1-20 in the more/less column. Listen carefully to the instruction, how many can you get right? HAVE FUN!
  • Use your model that you made yesterday to retell that part of the story. Think carefully about what happened and why and how the boy and the penguin felt and why. Now pretend to be the boy and the penguin, what would they sound like and what would they say? After you have practiced your retelling, ask an adult to video it and send it to Mrs Morland. 
  • This is the first week of Advent when we prepare and get ready for the birth of Jesus. What you have you done so far to prepare? Think about what you have done at home and what we have done in our morning Zoom meeting. How are you going to tell me about your preparations? You could make a poster which pictures and sentences or a short video, you choose.
  • How well do you know the story of Lost and Found? Follow this link to the story:, pause the video, look carefully at what you can see on the screen and write a sentence describing what happened in that part of the story.
  • Do this three more times to the video.Remember to use CAPITAL LETTERS, finger spaces and full stops.
  • Can you use and or because in your sentences to make them longer and more interesting?
  • Can you use the worksheet below to workout 1 less and 1 more. Some of the monsters have had a go at doing themselves, can you correct the ones they have done wrong? Use the number line below to help you. 
  • When Mrs Morland woke up today , it was snowing! Snowflakes are just like us, every one is unique and special.
  • Can you make your own snowflake? Follow this link to find out how: 
Dear boy 27.11.20

We have been enjoying a new book this week called Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers. On Friday, we decided to write the boy a letter to tell him all the ways that he could help the penguin. We really hope the boy gets our letters!

Our congratulations this week on Friday 27th November go to....
  • Benas  and Olivia who have achieved Brass.
  • Anna who has achieved Tin.
Great work!
What are mammals? 26.11.20

This half term we are learning about different groups of animals. We know that there are fish, birds and now mammals. We were very surprised to find out that we are mammals! Mrs Harrison set us a challenge this week to find out about different mammals. Some of us decided to use the internet to find out all we could about the mammal we had chosen. How many mammals can you name?

Marvellous Monsters! 24.11.20

Miss Austin had a big surprise this morning when she found a monster at her door! She showed him to us and we talked together about what he was like. Miss Austin then set us a challenge to design our own monster. We described what it would be like and what we would do together. Luckily all the monsters are friendly, phew!

We know how important phonics is and how much it helps us with our reading and our writing. Join Mrs Morland for your daily phonics session, your grown ups have an email with all the details. 
From tomorrow and everyday at 9.30am we will start our day together in our usual way but on Zoom. We will have the register, prayers and talk about the work we will be doing. Your grown ups have an email with the details so don't forget to remind them. See you soon, love Mrs Morland and Miss Corrigan xx

Home Learning 23.11.20
Here we are again, learning at home but as always still learning together! Here are some challenges for you to try this week and as always Mrs Morland would love to see photos of all your hard work. 
In the documents section is a comic strip that I have found. What will you find out about moon camping? 

  • adding un to the start of a word makes them mean the opposite. Read the PowerPoint in the documents section to find out more. Then draw pictures to show that you understand what the new words mean. Can you challenge yourself even more and write these words in a sentence?
  • Last week we learnt a lot about shapes, look at the photos in last week's gallery to remind yourself. Now we are going to use these shapes to make patterns. There will be lots of 3D shapes around your house(remember these are ones that you can pick up and hold), can you use them to make a pattern? For example sphere, sphere, cube, cube. In the documents section there is also a sheet of patterns, can you draw what should come next?
  • Miss Austin introduced us to a special kind of Monster this morning. Can you design your own monster? Read the PowerPoint in the documents section for more instructions.
  • Work for 10 minutes on Numbots, how many levels can you complete today?
  • Now practice counting forwards and backwards to 20. Ask your grown up to check as you are counting and ask them to give you different numbers to start counting from. Then complete the worksheet in the documents section. Remember to check that your numbers are the right way round. 
  • Want an extra challenge? Choose a number and write the next three numbers in words. Use the word mat in the documents section to help you with spellings.
  • We know what the Gunpowder Plot was and why Guy Fawkes and his friends wanted to blow up the Houses of Parliament but what is this building like? Follow this link to a tour of the Houses of Parliament: and tell your grown up what you can see.