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Science Club Week 122 Feb 2018Science Club Week 1This was our first week at science club . None of us knew what to expect however , we were still excited to be the first to do the amazing club . Our first experiment was with sound . We all had different opinions about what was going to happen and how to make the speakers. None of us thought that nothing would happen but we didn't know exactly what would happen!
We were given paper cups, a cardboard tube, tissue,scissors  and felt tips and we had to use them to make our own speakers. We had some time to discuss what to do and some of us had ideas because we had seen speakers before.

We made it by thinking of the size of our devices at home and cutting a hole according to that on the cardboard tube. Then, we cut out holes on both of the paper cups so that they would slide easily onto the ends of the cardboard tube. We decorated them with the felt tips and then stuffed two balls of the tissue into the ends of the cardboard tube.

How it Works
When we put Mrs Fox's phone into our new speakers we turned on the music and discovered that the tissue really had an improtant effect on the sound. This is because the tissue muffles the unwanted high pitched sounds, making the actual sound less tinny. This creates a a clearer and warmer sound.

What I thought
All in all , I thought that the whole experiment went extremely well . I was amazed at how well the speakers worked ; just like a real electronic speaker ! Seeing as we all used devices it was really interesting to know that we could make DIY speakers that would usually cost a lot { our parents were happy } ! I hope you enjoyed reading our first ever blog !

By Olivia

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