St. Philip's Catholic Primary & Nursery School

"In the light of Christ, where everyone is valued and learning is celebrated"

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Management Team
Mr P McQuillen Strong Mrs K McGrath Mrs A Kinder  
Executive Headteacher
CP Lead/ Safeguarding
Head of School
CP Designated Officer
School Business Manager
CP Designated Officer

Nursery Year 2 Year 5 Year 3AV
Miss K Hall Miss E Doran Miss Meeson Miss A Varlet
Year 4 Year 3SL Year 6 Reception
Miss E Ormonde-Church Mr S Longfellow (TLR) Miss C Stewart (TLR) Miss K Richardson
Year 1 SENco    
Mrs F Morland Mrs S Holmes
CP Designated Officer

Mrs H Harrison Mrs L Tempest Mrs M Fox Mrs T Shea
Mrs K Horne      

Teaching Assistants
Miss K Bonner Miss K Corrigan Miss K Carroll  
Miss N Twigg Mrs L Pratt Mrs J Spence  
Mrs D Leach Mr I Fakes Mrs C Watt  
Miss H Skelding      

Caretaker Cleaner/ Lunchtime Ass't Cleaner / Lunctime Ass't Lunchtime Ass't
Mr M Render Mrs C Barnfather Mrs K McMenamin Mrs C Fenton

Dinner Ladies
Mrs G Binns Mrs S Smith Mrs G Raworth  

@stphilips:St Philip's is a Voluntary Aided Catholic Primary and Nursery School. Our children range from age 3 to 11 years. The most...