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Tuesday 16th November - Blitz Artwork

Today, we incorporated some Art work into our History lesson. We looked at one of the most iconic photographs taken from the WW2 period called 'St. Paul's Survives' which was taken by Herbet Mason on the 30th September 1940. We discussed the importance of this picture and explored what it represents. Using our artistic skills of blending, we created the background using oil pastels to create an atmosphere which represented London burning. Afterwards, we created the landscape by using a silhouette of the London skyline, specifically focusing on St. Paul's Cathedral surviving.

Wednesday 10th November - Science

As part of our Science topic, Electricity, we have been investigating circuits. We explored the different equipment needed to construct a circuit and the specific order needed to create a successful circuit.

Friday 5th November - PE

Our new topic for Indoor PE this term is team building. This week, we have worked on our communication skills by guiding our blind-folded partner around an obstacle course. We had to ensure we communicated effectively to our partners to guide them around the course, so they wouldn't lose a life by touching any of the equipment or going the wrong way.

Tuesday 19th October - Egyptian Death Masks

To bring our fantastic 'Ancient Egyptian' topic to an end, we have created our own Ancient Egyptian Death Masks. This term, we have explored what death masks are and their purpose. We undertook lots of steps to create our masks including: sketching the design, cutting the cardboard, paper mache and finally, painting the masks. Take a look at the making of our death masks in action:

Tuesday 12th October - Ancient Egyptian Pyramids!

This week in History we explored Ancient Egyptian Pyramids. We learnt the purpose of Egyptian pyramids, how and where they were built and why they were built. We specifically focused on four of the Egyptian pyramids: the Step Pyramid, the Bent Pyramid, the Khafre's Pyramid and the Red Pyramid. From learning about the pyramids we recreated them using play dough and designed our own pyramid fact file. Take a look at our amazing work:

Tuesday 5th October - Ancient Egypt - Pharoahs

What a crazy History lesson we had today! Our task was to find out key information and facts about Ancient Egyptian Pharoahs and the symbols used to represent each Pharoah, however, the information was hidden underneath our tables. We had to work together as a group to retrieve the information from underneath the table and write the key facts into our books. From this, we created our own Sarcophagus for an Egyptian Pharoah. Take a look at some of our amazing work:

Tuesday 28th September - Ancient Egyptians

In our History lesson today, we found out more about Ancient Egypt including learning about the River Nile. We played a game called the 'Map Detectives' which required us to roll the dice then answer the corresponding questions. From this we learnt why the River Nile is an important feature of the Egyptian landscape and why it was named the "Gift of the Nile".

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