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DT - Levers

Here are some of our practise models. We had lots of fun doing this and it was much harder than it looked. We made mistakes, but we persevered and were very proud of our achievements.

DT - Levers

To link in with our Science topic about levers, we have been learning about using levers to make models with working parts. We have practised 4 different types of moving parts and then we have had to design our own model that has two different types on moving parts on it. (Pictures to come)

Science - Forces - Levers

In 5DM we have been learning about levers and how they help us to lift heavy objects. We learnt that if we move the fulcrum nearer to the object, it allows us to life heavier things really easy (such as teachers!) We then planned an and carried out on investigation of our own to make the best catapult to project a paper ball. We identified our independent, dependent and controlled variables and then tested these, taking and recording measurements to prove whether our hypothesis was correct or not. We also evaluated our investigation and identified what we would change if we repeated it.

Yorkshire Wildlife Park

On Wednesday 12th May our Year 5 classes went on a trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park. It was our first trip out since covid began and the sun was shining over Doncaster for us.rnWe met lots of wonderful animals and got to learn about World Habitats during our workshop. We got to hold a real ostrich egg, camel fur, replica animal skulls and much much more. Look out for more photos coming soon.

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