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Using a thesaurus to find synonyms 11.11.21

This week Year 3 have been working on synonyms to find better and more interesting words. We were introduced to a thesaurus for the first time and were amazed at how many different words we can use instead of the word said. It was very tricky trying to find some of the words, but we persevered and worked really well with our partners.

The Cave - Alive and Kicking Drama Workshop 11.10.21

Today Year 3 worked with Luke from Alive and Kicking Theatre Company and were taken back in time 17,000 years to the paleolithic era where we were taken into a cave to meet the characters of the time. We were able to use our minds eye to imagine what life was like back then and we had to use our problem solving skills and bravery to help the characters in our story. We had to use our decision making skills to choose which course of action the characters should take and also were involved in a trial where we had to be brave and present our evidence in front of the whole tribe.


Year 3 have written their own 'WANTED' posters and stuck them up all around the school asking for anyone who sees the Iron Man to report back to them. They really enjoyed having a real purpose for their writing and used some amazing vocabulary! WATCH OUT! If you see him then let us know as a matter of urgency!!

Making the Iron Man

Year 3 children have been writing Wanted posters to help to catch the Iron Man, but no one has seen him so we decided to make our own giant Iron Man. It took a LOT of paint and we made a LOT of mess, but we had LOTS of fun and can't wait for the rest of the school to find him when he is fully constructed

Making predictions

As a fun activity to introduce our new book The Iron Man by Ted Hughes, the children were given a jigsaw puzzle of the front cover and had to try and put together the pieces before making a prediction about what the story might be about by using the clues on the front cover.

Look out for some exciting work coming soon!

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